Monday, June 14


A lifetime ago, I actually had a job.
A career.

Way back when, my childhood was not paved with thoughts
of going off to college to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor or a lawyer.
I was quite lucky to have the little in life our family was afforded at the time.
I knew early on that college was not in my future.

I did attend a business school after high school and became a
full fledged computer programmer....of which, in the end,
I hated every single solitary moment of it...though I was quite good at it.

I was fortunate to fall into floral design alongside my aunt
and found that that was "IT" for me.
I found my passion.

And then I met Bill, who in a very similar situation, was in a career
that he was incredibly passionate about........with NO college education.

We NEVER tell our kids that life can still be good withOUT a college degree.
NEVER. But that is not the point of this post.
It's about teaching our kids how to be passionate about all things in life.

Hannah joined me this past weekend, at my studio,
while I worked on a very small floral project for a tour of historic homes
in town. She was eager to get her hands dirty...
While this may not be what I hope and dream for HER to be "when she grows up",
I know that I will continue to impress upon her that whatever "it" is for her, she needs to love it.

She also needs to know that NO ONE is better than anyone else regardless of a good education,
or lack there of. She needs to know that
when and if she marries a millionaire and
if she chooses to dedicate her life to having and raising a family
she is no different that the career woman that sacrifices her family time to
pursue the opportunity to provide for that family.

But indeed it is all about the passion. And hand in hand with that, it is also my job to teach
her to be oblivious to those in this world that are judgemental of people
and their choices.

So folks. THIS is MY passion.
It's funny to look at this picture. I've not seen myself in this position in a very very
long time! (Let me pat myself on the back right now....) this moment
did not last nearly long enough. I forgot how fast I design.....
I could have done it all day.

Pretty ironic that this is the coffee mug I brought with me to the studio.
It is the mug I bought for Bill when I was encouraging him to start his own company.
Live with PASSION.


SwimMomTrishA said...

Wonderful post !!

erica said...

welcome home. nuf said.

Unknown said...

I'm so proud of you - and excited for you - and I love flowers so much.
Awesome post. :)

Carolyn said...

This post really resonated with me. I'm torn between two passions: my career and my kids. I bounce back and forth, never sure that I am giving enough in either direction. I've tried picking just one...its too difficult and I never feel totally complete. And so I continue, trying to have it all, & hoping I'm not screwing it up.