Monday, June 21

a day late, but NOT a dollar short

I love this photo.

I love it for many reasons.
I love it because there was a time, when I didn't want to love it,
but deep down, I knew that could never happen.
I love it because it is from a trip to Disneyland which....I mean - come on...we know
what THAT means to me.
I love it because it is my family all together at one time, one place.
I love it because it is a rare time for Bill to relax and let it all go, all
the while I know how hard that is for him.
I love it because it symbolizes all that I live for.

We did not celebrate Father's Day yesterday.
Hannah, Connor and I where busy at a meet all weekend.
Bill was busy being Bill.
Getting things ready for us to go do what we had to do.
Coming to watch and support his kids swimming.
Taking care of Garrin.
And not minding one bit that the day was not spent
in what most would consider the traditional way of celebrating.

So today I say:
Happy Father's Day Bill.
I love you.


Bill said...


First.. I love the picture as well.. My heart stopped when I saw it and melted as I read on... My Fathers Day was perfect... doing what I love doing as a father, taking care of my kids and watching them excel at what they do. I have always and will always be that father. The one that would do anything for them, at all costs.. I did spend the day doing what Bill does.. something he has loved to do for many years....

Disney.... can't wait to go again with you and the kids.. and take a step back and enjoy the time. It is something I find very hard to do.. Let go and relax. I love you for knowing that about me..

I loved my Fathers Day, beyond expectation.. it was about family and feeling loved. It was about seeing the look in my kids eyes as they pushed themselves as I do... determined to be the BEST.

I loved seeing you, get back to something you loved.... Watching you be your BEST.

Today is a new day.. the day after Fathers Day.. My heart is full of love for you and the kids as it will be for the next 364 days till the next Fathers Day!!

The biggest gift anyone has ever given me, you and the kids gave me yesterday.. The chance to be a Dad and a husband to the family I love.

I Love You.....

ps... I love the picture and I love seeing it again, here, where it belongs, posted by you.. xo my love.

Carolyn said...

SNIFFERS! If I had a pic like that I would blow it up poster sized.