Tuesday, May 11

The way moving SHOULD be.

Garrin has already made it crystal clear that he does not want to move
to the new house.
He's gone so far as to say he wants to go back to where we used to live.

The move is going steady but sure. And I myself, am liking it.
A little at a time.
That being said, we are trying to make Garrin like it as well.

So taking a little time out to enjoy the new backyard
is a must, since the poor kid is just sick of being toted back and forth
while we carry loads of stuff to the house.

This week the weather is sketchy at best.
Bouts of rain and sun will make for an interesting week
to get most of the crap there, seeing as the BIG STUFF gets
moved on Thursday and we will officially
"be sleeping there". Thursday calls for sun, so we are
keeping our fingers crossed.

So all I can say is I am grateful to have a full month
to make this move. It alleviates a little stress
which we could all use right about now.
Especially Garrin.

****oh, and I finally got up a new Photo Of The Day...


Liz said...

Those pictures are amazing.

Chris said...

Great pics of my nephew :)