Thursday, May 13

Team Up Thursday

The theme this week - Mom

I knew what I would be doing right away.
Since my (our) mom passed away 23 years ago
I also had the feeling my sister would be doing the same.

We don't talk to each other during the week about our photos.
But I did know she'd been to the cemetery on Mother's Day,
and when I went I was secretly looking for some proof she was there.
Didn't find anything, but the photo below - hers on the bottom
was proof enough.

While my visits are very limited to the cemetery,
I've realized that throughout the years my connection to her there
are less and less,
and I'm finding more of a connection to her by just looking
at myself,
and my sister,
and my brother.
And I find her there in all that she taught us
while she was alive.
We've all been able to take away a little piece of her
and use it in our own everyday parenting.

I consider myself lucky.


Kim said...

Nice picture, and very well said. Hard to believe we'd feel lucky, but I completely understand what you mean. Guess that's the sign of a great Mom, and I know you're giving that same gift to your kids.

She'd be very proud.

Unknown said...