Thursday, May 6

Team Up Thursday

Friends is the theme for this week's diptych.
My sista' is on the left.
I am on the right.

Her's is the little teeny tiny one
and mine is the big one.......

The more I look at it - the more I realize my sister totally got the perspective
right on this one. Thanks Kimmy, for doing a great job putting these
two pictures together!!!


I am laughing about the shot I took.
Laughing because I instantly thought two things
when I read the theme.

Hannah has like a gagillion friends on Facebook.
The benefit of living on the east coast, moving to the west coast,
and then coming back to the east coast. She accumulated
a LOT of friends....that she actually stays in touch with. I am jealous.

Back to the laughing.....sometimes having all these friends,
and having a Facebook account when you are 12....
well let's just say - shit happens.
Teen drama/bullying happens.
yadda yadda....

Long story short. Hannah is grounded from Facebook.
Grounded may be a harsh description.
She has "taken a step back" from Facebook. For a little while at least.

Until tonight.

Until I needed to take this picture.

Can you say -
"Soaking in all you can on your news feed page for 2 or 3 minutes,
while your mom takes 15 or 20 pictures, to get one good one
for her blog post." ???


Kathleen said...

I really like the contrast between the two. The bright colorful shot of the two enjoying the beach and the dark, almost lifeless shot of the girl looking at the computer screen. The first is so vibrant and full of life; the second almost somber and depressed. The fact that "No one is online" adds to the somber tone.

Kim said...

Love how this came out. I just love looking at Hannah's eyelashes!

Too funny that you let her go on Facebook. Hey, whatever it takes to get the shot!