Wednesday, May 5


I remember one of the first things Bill and I had noticed
about living in Nevada - were the storms. Awesome thunderstorms.
Early on, we used to take our car and sit on top of a hill to watch
the storms pass over The Strip. Because you could see on and on
for ever, it seemed, it was always quite a sight.

Well just can't see on and on because there are too many
in the way. Not palm trees, but real trees. And lots of them.
Big and old.

In the past week, we've had a couple of freak storms come through
that lasted all of maybe, a half hour.

This was the result of yesterdays.

I promised Hannah photo credit on the first two photos
taken by her, in the car on the way to swim last night.
After all, I couldn't take them.

I took the last two on the way back home
from dropping her off

while I was driving......

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Bill said...

The power of Mother Nature... Is AWESOME!!