Sunday, May 2

The Power of a Woman

Nevermind the fact that Garrin's younger cousin got a two wheeled bike with
training wheels........he just didn't care. Didn't care to give up his
babyish tricycle. A Thomas Tricycle at that.

But it took seeing his little schoolmate, who happens to be a cute little girl,
riding HER two wheeled bike with training wheels, home from school,
(and to add to that - was haulin' some serious ass.......)
that made him decide to buck up and be a man....I mean, a big boy!!!

So last night, we got him a bike.
He experimented with it in the house late last night
and couldn't wait to get up this morning to take 'er outside!

I mean it - he couldn't wait - he was barely awake.
but so excited!!
oh, and ridiculously cute with a helmet on, to boot!

Now he can stay busy and out of our way, while we move some shit today.


Bill said...

I love that he just got and rode!!! The other 2... we had to beg, bribe and threaten to ge them to ride.... He is determined to catch that girl... love him!

Oh, my favorite was this morning... Can I ride to school?? But I don't know how to get there....

You have to love when your kids eyes light up from something you did for them....

Unknown said...

his sleepy little face with that helmet on... omg. adorable.