Tuesday, May 4

Keep smiling

I was just thinking the other day about my Photo of The Day thingy
on my blog home page. Yeah........haven't done one in God knows how long.
No time. No motivation. No thinking-to-bring-the-camera-everywhere-I-go-lately...

Anyhoo. I am getting sick of saying - a lot going on -
but there is. A lot of things have been put on the back burner.
I guess I am thankful for taking a couple minutes to blog and get
some shit down. Took an opportunity to take a picture
of Garrin (wow, day 3 of Garrin-ness!!) eating this morning.
Couldn't help but smile looking at his sweet little chubby hand,
not a care in the world other than his "Cimmonin" Life cereal.

Kind of reminded me that no matter what is going on
we need to keep smiling.
And truly, there IS a lot to smile about.
In between dealing with bullying crap at school, on cell phones,
on facebook,

Connor taking a MAJOR digger on his bike this morning,
ripped pants and ripped up knee and all,

Lucy getting into the garbage last night,
and remembering that we actually heard her get up and
go downstairs and did NOT follow her because it was the middle of the night,

cleaning this house for the 900th time because there is a showing
tonight right at dinner time, which I love...,


checking on the painter,

getting 36 loads of laundry folded....(see above - house showing..),

getting Hannah to and from physical therapy,

while coordinating the other kids getting home
and going to the pool.......

oh and the fact that I feel bloated
and overweight......
(which I will blame on the humidity...oh wait, it's not humid today!)
all that NEVER discounts all that I can still smile about.
I mean come on............

Maybe I could wish for a little "Cimmonin" magic to be sprinkled on my Life?


Bill said...

Here you go... :) :) :)

love you - me

LaAna said...

Life is full of sprinkles and not always the kind we like, but it's what we do with what we've got that matters most. Sounds like you've got the right idea to keep you smiling! And who doesn't LOVE a little "cimmonin" life. :0)