Monday, May 24

Judging THIS book by its cover

So today we are going to start with the outside of the house.
The main reason is...
the inside is a friggen mess of
boxes, wrapping, this, that and the other thing,
things I re-packed, packed, unpacked,
things I thought I needed and really don't,
things I forgot I had,
things I wish I forgot I had,
you can't walk anywhere on the inside.

So outside it is.
Here is the house from the front,
pre-Picasso, thanks to Bill and the front door.
The house is quite appealing passing by doing about 75...80 in the car.
But when you stop you notice.
The front roof needs replacing.
The bushes...well...they are overgrown.....a LOT overgrown.
And the grass...well there are moles....everywhere.
Digging frigging tunnels all over the stupid place.
Chasing after GRUBS apparently.
Didn't have moles or grubs in the desert. Oh right. Didn't have grass either.
Well - Sears is our best friend right now.

So this is the back porch.
The first impression is - wow.
How nice. Homey.
Great place for our outdoor furniture.
Until you see that the gutters are chock full of leaves, twigs and
presumably whatever little seeds started the sprouting of some mini trees..
yup...IN the gutter.
Did we even HAVE gutters in Nevada?
Here is the side of our garage. See flowers make everything look pretty.
I mean - flowers camouflage everything.
Well actually - not much wrong with the garage other than
Bill busted the garage door opener already.
Seriously - I think he just wanted a new one.
Not that we can fit my truck in there or anything.
But my brothers trailer is staying nice and dry
and in out of the rain.........ahem....
The next shot is the usable part of the backyard. It is quite nice and we
are really looking forward to playing badminton or volleyball,
baseball or football with family and friends someday.
Someday when Bill stops mowing the lawn,
and weed wacking,
and wood chipping,
and chainsawing,
and then doing it all over again.
Speaking of badminton/volleyball........not sure if I ever even attempted
trying to drive the stake into the ground where we used to live, to put up a net. It would have
required a jackhammer and goggles.......
Here is Mr. FixIt,
Mr. PaintIt,
Mr. SweepIt.

Bill will be back next week....................
Flowers. Again the cheapest way
to cover up what we can't think about fixing yet......
Color coordinated with the American Flag of course.
I am still a little OCD you know....
So upon really looking and then judging,
you might come across shit like this:
Don't even know how or where to fix shutters.

Then you'll come across this:
Nothing a lot of scraping and a new coat of paint won't fix...
This is called a hatchway - by the way.
It leads to the .........
Which is where (see above crap in boxes) all the stuff is going for now.

OK - so the downspouts need replacing/painting.....not sure which.
Not even sure when that's gonna happen...but what..ev...
ummm...and in case I forgot to mention - this beauty was built in 1790.
There were no bathrooms in 1790........
Wood siding instead of aluminum siding.....
I THINK that's a good thing.
Few repairs there too.....
So that's a quick little tour of why I don't blog as frequently,
or let alone meander out of this yard much lately.
We've got a full plate.

But excited nonetheless.

Don't hold your breath for the indoor tour anytime soon.
You wanna see it.
Get your ass over here.

Now I've got to go and pull all the ticks out of my arms and legs,
and cover up my poison ivy with calamine lotion before I hit the hay.

It's good to be home.


Sharon said...

It's fantastic!!!

Bill said...

it is called character...... love it!!

Emily said...

I LOVE it! It is beautiful and will be even more so when you've added your personality to it. Maybe we'll have to come and visit soon.

Chris said...

glad to have you home! you're right Bill, it is character. I wouldn't change a thing.

Dennis said...

I finally found my BU Hockey Shirt - looks good on you Bill!

Jerolyn said...

Can't wait to see the inside!!