Monday, May 3

Joining the ranks

Garrin has officially joined the throngs of kids that
ride their bikes to and/or from school each day.

On most sunny days these racks are overflowing with bikes.
Today started out quite rainy so the bikes are a little sparse.
I will tell you though that Connor's is in there somewhere,
as a matter of fact, on other rainy days, he has sometimes
had one of the three bikes there!!
That's my boy though......

To celebrate this monumental event, Bill came home early from work
in order to walk the bike to school....yes, we walked it..........

or Bill did, rather.....
It was about 90 degrees with 125 percent humidity....ugh
Don't let me fool you, there is no way in hell, my lazy butt
will be walking everyday because I am all over
driving my AIR CONDITIONED truck and parking my butt
in line to wait for him to come out of school, on days like today!
But he was so anxious to try out the ride.

Anyhoo, he couldn't be more thrilled to be boogieing home on the new wheels.
Riding fast enough that I thought I was going to pass out
from the shear exhaustion from trying to keep up with him.
(note to self: bring YOUR bike next time)
All I have left to do now is get Hannah on HER bike.....

yeah, right!


Bill said...

It was one of those memories that will stay with you for a long time...!! Lets do it again....

Oh... walked the bike???? More like carried...

Sharon Carnaby said...

OH MY!!! That sweet little boy is growing so fast! He looks so different. Please give him a snuggle for me. Miss him everyday!