Thursday, May 27

Team Up Thursday

This week's theme was "out of focus".

My whole life is out of focus right now.
Too much to get done to finish getting out of one house
and completely organized in another.
There, literally, is stuff everywhere in the new house.
I am drowning in boxes, clothes, laundry,
orthodontist appointments, physical therapy appointments,
school, etc etc etc

yadda yadda yaddda

all this b.s. to say -
not doin' the diptych this week...

Monday, May 24

Judging THIS book by its cover

So today we are going to start with the outside of the house.
The main reason is...
the inside is a friggen mess of
boxes, wrapping, this, that and the other thing,
things I re-packed, packed, unpacked,
things I thought I needed and really don't,
things I forgot I had,
things I wish I forgot I had,
you can't walk anywhere on the inside.

So outside it is.
Here is the house from the front,
pre-Picasso, thanks to Bill and the front door.
The house is quite appealing passing by doing about 75...80 in the car.
But when you stop you notice.
The front roof needs replacing.
The bushes...well...they are overgrown.....a LOT overgrown.
And the grass...well there are moles....everywhere.
Digging frigging tunnels all over the stupid place.
Chasing after GRUBS apparently.
Didn't have moles or grubs in the desert. Oh right. Didn't have grass either.
Well - Sears is our best friend right now.

So this is the back porch.
The first impression is - wow.
How nice. Homey.
Great place for our outdoor furniture.
Until you see that the gutters are chock full of leaves, twigs and
presumably whatever little seeds started the sprouting of some mini trees..
yup...IN the gutter.
Did we even HAVE gutters in Nevada?
Here is the side of our garage. See flowers make everything look pretty.
I mean - flowers camouflage everything.
Well actually - not much wrong with the garage other than
Bill busted the garage door opener already.
Seriously - I think he just wanted a new one.
Not that we can fit my truck in there or anything.
But my brothers trailer is staying nice and dry
and in out of the rain.........ahem....
The next shot is the usable part of the backyard. It is quite nice and we
are really looking forward to playing badminton or volleyball,
baseball or football with family and friends someday.
Someday when Bill stops mowing the lawn,
and weed wacking,
and wood chipping,
and chainsawing,
and then doing it all over again.
Speaking of badminton/volleyball........not sure if I ever even attempted
trying to drive the stake into the ground where we used to live, to put up a net. It would have
required a jackhammer and goggles.......
Here is Mr. FixIt,
Mr. PaintIt,
Mr. SweepIt.

Bill will be back next week....................
Flowers. Again the cheapest way
to cover up what we can't think about fixing yet......
Color coordinated with the American Flag of course.
I am still a little OCD you know....
So upon really looking and then judging,
you might come across shit like this:
Don't even know how or where to fix shutters.

Then you'll come across this:
Nothing a lot of scraping and a new coat of paint won't fix...
This is called a hatchway - by the way.
It leads to the .........
Which is where (see above crap in boxes) all the stuff is going for now.

OK - so the downspouts need replacing/painting.....not sure which.
Not even sure when that's gonna happen...but what..ev...
ummm...and in case I forgot to mention - this beauty was built in 1790.
There were no bathrooms in 1790........
Wood siding instead of aluminum siding.....
I THINK that's a good thing.
Few repairs there too.....
So that's a quick little tour of why I don't blog as frequently,
or let alone meander out of this yard much lately.
We've got a full plate.

But excited nonetheless.

Don't hold your breath for the indoor tour anytime soon.
You wanna see it.
Get your ass over here.

Now I've got to go and pull all the ticks out of my arms and legs,
and cover up my poison ivy with calamine lotion before I hit the hay.

It's good to be home.

Sunday, May 23

A day off

from packing, moving, unpacking, organizing, painting, mowing, CHAINSAWING....
you get me. We needed one.
Seeing as we missed the Thomas The Tank Engine visiting two weeks ago
and the fact that I lied to Garrin about it and felt guilty
we thought the weather was perfect to head down to Essex, CT and take
the ride.

We've done this excursion many times before. Not sure if we'd done it with
Garrin, but for sure with Hannah and Connor. As a matter of fact, Hannah's
second birthday party was on this train!!

But as much as we all enjoy(ed) this trip,
it was surely all about Garrin.

What a great way to forget all that we SHOULD have been doing!!

Now back to business.

Saturday, May 22

a frightening thought

in and of itself.....

Friday, May 21

Things that are a must to be caught on film....

don't always happen at a convenient picture taking time....
For instance this morning.
Here is my daughter:
who, for many, many years has been quite accustomed to this
form of transportation:
(or so she thinks!)
to and from:

Today she did this:

(with pretty much that look on her face),
while I did this:

with hopes that the more I do that,
it will become this:

Quite the accomplishment for my extremely spoiled little girl.

I did get her to smile during the ride though.
I told her she was biking like:
!!!!! Happy Friday !!!!
Now I need to go put some Ben-Gay on my legs.......

Thursday, May 20

Team Up Thursday

Holey Moley....I haven't been on this blog since last our last Team Up.
Anyhoo. Life takes over...but makes blog material doesn't it???
I'll get there...

The theme this week was Hot and Cold.
The original picture I took did not pan out.
Kimmy took my second idea. Hers is on the left.
Third times a charm - cause I just love my third idea!!!
Came to me last night of all things.
Can you say - P.R.O.C.R.A.S.T.I.N.A.T.I.O.N???

anyway - it's fabulous as usual, I think.

And oh.....Kimmy thought at the last minute that one of us should do hot
and one do THAT would have been a good idea.
Did I say - procrastination?

Thursday, May 13

Team Up Thursday

The theme this week - Mom

I knew what I would be doing right away.
Since my (our) mom passed away 23 years ago
I also had the feeling my sister would be doing the same.

We don't talk to each other during the week about our photos.
But I did know she'd been to the cemetery on Mother's Day,
and when I went I was secretly looking for some proof she was there.
Didn't find anything, but the photo below - hers on the bottom
was proof enough.

While my visits are very limited to the cemetery,
I've realized that throughout the years my connection to her there
are less and less,
and I'm finding more of a connection to her by just looking
at myself,
and my sister,
and my brother.
And I find her there in all that she taught us
while she was alive.
We've all been able to take away a little piece of her
and use it in our own everyday parenting.

I consider myself lucky.

Wednesday, May 12

breathe deep....

it's almost here
the light at the end of the moving tunnel
i need to get into full lotus position
get my chakras all aligned
clear my mind of all clatter
and stop and smell the roses...ummm...well - the flowers that
are coming up in the new backyard....

happy almost-thursday!!! it's gonna be great

Tuesday, May 11

The way moving SHOULD be.

Garrin has already made it crystal clear that he does not want to move
to the new house.
He's gone so far as to say he wants to go back to where we used to live.

The move is going steady but sure. And I myself, am liking it.
A little at a time.
That being said, we are trying to make Garrin like it as well.

So taking a little time out to enjoy the new backyard
is a must, since the poor kid is just sick of being toted back and forth
while we carry loads of stuff to the house.

This week the weather is sketchy at best.
Bouts of rain and sun will make for an interesting week
to get most of the crap there, seeing as the BIG STUFF gets
moved on Thursday and we will officially
"be sleeping there". Thursday calls for sun, so we are
keeping our fingers crossed.

So all I can say is I am grateful to have a full month
to make this move. It alleviates a little stress
which we could all use right about now.
Especially Garrin.

****oh, and I finally got up a new Photo Of The Day...

Monday, May 10

What am I, crazy?

"The past is strapped to our backs. We do not have to see it;
we can always feel it."
Mignon McLaughlin
The Neurotics Notebook, 1960

I am giggling at the thought of where I got this quote from....Neurotics Notebook.
Was thinking about this post and feeling somewhat neurotic,
and then I found this quote which sums up what I am feeling.

Lemme 'splain.

Here is a pic of me and the kids from yesterday. I like to have one
taken on Mothers Day. Selfish-ly...just me and the three I gave birth to,
and have the saggy boobs and stretch marks to prove it....
I also posted the last couple years shots from Mother's Day.
This is 2009.
and no-shit-sherlock 2008.

And here is where I will continue to rant on selfishly for a couple of minutes.
First and foremost it is important that I say -
I love where I am in life - physically.
I could not have asked to be in a better place, close to family.
It is the one thing constant I didn't have for 9 years.

I DO NOT love where I am in life - mentally.
I miss where I was in my life - wholly - in the previous years pictures.
(No - not the tan - though it is fabulous......)

I guess it is what I felt in my heart then.
It's hard to explain without seeming like I don't appreciate all
that moving back to the east coast has brought me. I loved everything
that I was, involved in, wanted, did, had, looked forward to, fought for....
I miss that.

How f**ked up is that?

And THAT is what I am working on folks. Getting over these
feelings about my past. Trying to file it away in the proper spot.
It keeps ending up in the Resentment Folder and I keep taking it
out and finding the Memories Folder to put it in.


I look at the kids in the pictures and aside from the fact that Garrin is an
absolute pill when it comes to taking pictures lately,
they "look" great. Because as their mom I can look in their eyes and
know that they are good. I can feel my heart and in my soul.

I don't know, it must have been Dr. Phil or something that said -
"You have to take care of yourself first. Then it has to be about
taking care of you and your spouse. And then it is about taking care
of the kids." I believe this. It's like a pyramid.

If you can't get things right with yourself - how can you be strong for your kids?
And if you can't get things right with your spouse - how can you set a good
example for your kids?
It all trickles down to them.
But it all starts with you.

or me - in this instance.....

So as they obviously grow bigger, as in these pictures,
I want them to grow stronger,
and learn to be the best that they can be
from me, while I try to be the best that I can be.

It doesn't take Mother's Day to realize that this is what I must do,
but it does take seeing this picture to know what it all boils down to.

Saturday, May 8

I'm just sayin'............

They look alike, huh???
Come on Connor....sing for me.
You scream like a girl,
let's see if you can sing like one....

Friday, May 7

Don't laugh, but......

No, that is NOT my twin sister, Geenie....
It's me.

Thursday, May 6

Team Up Thursday

Friends is the theme for this week's diptych.
My sista' is on the left.
I am on the right.

Her's is the little teeny tiny one
and mine is the big one.......

The more I look at it - the more I realize my sister totally got the perspective
right on this one. Thanks Kimmy, for doing a great job putting these
two pictures together!!!


I am laughing about the shot I took.
Laughing because I instantly thought two things
when I read the theme.

Hannah has like a gagillion friends on Facebook.
The benefit of living on the east coast, moving to the west coast,
and then coming back to the east coast. She accumulated
a LOT of friends....that she actually stays in touch with. I am jealous.

Back to the laughing.....sometimes having all these friends,
and having a Facebook account when you are 12....
well let's just say - shit happens.
Teen drama/bullying happens.
yadda yadda....

Long story short. Hannah is grounded from Facebook.
Grounded may be a harsh description.
She has "taken a step back" from Facebook. For a little while at least.

Until tonight.

Until I needed to take this picture.

Can you say -
"Soaking in all you can on your news feed page for 2 or 3 minutes,
while your mom takes 15 or 20 pictures, to get one good one
for her blog post." ???

Wednesday, May 5


I remember one of the first things Bill and I had noticed
about living in Nevada - were the storms. Awesome thunderstorms.
Early on, we used to take our car and sit on top of a hill to watch
the storms pass over The Strip. Because you could see on and on
for ever, it seemed, it was always quite a sight.

Well just can't see on and on because there are too many
in the way. Not palm trees, but real trees. And lots of them.
Big and old.

In the past week, we've had a couple of freak storms come through
that lasted all of maybe, a half hour.

This was the result of yesterdays.

I promised Hannah photo credit on the first two photos
taken by her, in the car on the way to swim last night.
After all, I couldn't take them.

I took the last two on the way back home
from dropping her off

while I was driving......

Tuesday, May 4

Keep smiling

I was just thinking the other day about my Photo of The Day thingy
on my blog home page. Yeah........haven't done one in God knows how long.
No time. No motivation. No thinking-to-bring-the-camera-everywhere-I-go-lately...

Anyhoo. I am getting sick of saying - a lot going on -
but there is. A lot of things have been put on the back burner.
I guess I am thankful for taking a couple minutes to blog and get
some shit down. Took an opportunity to take a picture
of Garrin (wow, day 3 of Garrin-ness!!) eating this morning.
Couldn't help but smile looking at his sweet little chubby hand,
not a care in the world other than his "Cimmonin" Life cereal.

Kind of reminded me that no matter what is going on
we need to keep smiling.
And truly, there IS a lot to smile about.
In between dealing with bullying crap at school, on cell phones,
on facebook,

Connor taking a MAJOR digger on his bike this morning,
ripped pants and ripped up knee and all,

Lucy getting into the garbage last night,
and remembering that we actually heard her get up and
go downstairs and did NOT follow her because it was the middle of the night,

cleaning this house for the 900th time because there is a showing
tonight right at dinner time, which I love...,


checking on the painter,

getting 36 loads of laundry folded....(see above - house showing..),

getting Hannah to and from physical therapy,

while coordinating the other kids getting home
and going to the pool.......

oh and the fact that I feel bloated
and overweight......
(which I will blame on the humidity...oh wait, it's not humid today!)
all that NEVER discounts all that I can still smile about.
I mean come on............

Maybe I could wish for a little "Cimmonin" magic to be sprinkled on my Life?

Monday, May 3

Joining the ranks

Garrin has officially joined the throngs of kids that
ride their bikes to and/or from school each day.

On most sunny days these racks are overflowing with bikes.
Today started out quite rainy so the bikes are a little sparse.
I will tell you though that Connor's is in there somewhere,
as a matter of fact, on other rainy days, he has sometimes
had one of the three bikes there!!
That's my boy though......

To celebrate this monumental event, Bill came home early from work
in order to walk the bike to school....yes, we walked it..........

or Bill did, rather.....
It was about 90 degrees with 125 percent humidity....ugh
Don't let me fool you, there is no way in hell, my lazy butt
will be walking everyday because I am all over
driving my AIR CONDITIONED truck and parking my butt
in line to wait for him to come out of school, on days like today!
But he was so anxious to try out the ride.

Anyhoo, he couldn't be more thrilled to be boogieing home on the new wheels.
Riding fast enough that I thought I was going to pass out
from the shear exhaustion from trying to keep up with him.
(note to self: bring YOUR bike next time)
All I have left to do now is get Hannah on HER bike.....

yeah, right!