Tuesday, April 20

Well....good morning

This post will be thoughts of random-ness at it's finest.
By the way - "Random" is no longer the word of the day for my daughter..
it is now - "Legit". But that will be a different blog post entirely.
Just some crap that is swirling through my mind.

I haven't picked up my camera in five days.
It feels strange at best....what am I going to do when I get arthritis in a couple years???
When I can't lift up the thing to my cataract-ed eyeball anymore??
Crazy thought for sure.
Today I picked it up and I felt

I felt

I felt

just kidding....but it felt good!!!

Anyway. A lot of stuff going mind is full...
Not sure if I can get it all down here.

Did some reading over the weekend. Read Water for Elephants. Finally.
Friends told me to read it like 4 years ago I think.
That's right up there with Bill and I just watching I Am Legend....last month....
Completely amazing read for un-Jodi-Picoult....fabulous though.

Then I picked up a good one.
Bitches on a Budget.
I'm about 1/2 way thru - so insightful....I am loving it.
I've also had the opportunity to spend memorable moments with some very
incredible people these past weeks. People that have been a part of my life and
have been a steady constant. And I am beyond grateful. They have ALWAYS been
there for me even when they haven't been there for me...make sense? Distance means
nothing in a real friendship.

I also cried this weekend.
I am not a cry-er.
Ever really.
But I realized that I needed to cry in order to get over something.
To put an end to something.
To finalize something.
Which makes sense for me. I realize that primarily I cry when I lose
a family member. Crying is my final release. My let-go.
I did that this weekend, and damn it was hard.
But it is done. And life goes on.

The house that we live in is up for sale. (not the reason for the crying)
Which is a pain in the ass.
Kind of.
It's a pain because I have to ride the kids CONSTANTLY
about keeping it clean.
it's clean...all the time.
How's about that for taking the good with the bad?

In the meantime, we are getting things at the new house ready
to move in. Cleaning, cleaning, some cleaning and more cleaning....
Did I mention the house was built in 1790?
That, too, another blog post on it's own.
So, needless to say some things put on the back burner to get other things
done. Ok with me so far.

With brings me to my last thought.

Our daughter.
This will be my biggest test yet.
Teenage years.
She is pushing me and I am pushing back.
It is hard to sense whether she is still a little naive,
or smarter than I know.
Either way, life is a challenge - for her for sure right now,
but for me as her mom.
Time to dig out the rosary beads......

no not for me!!

To hang them around her neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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SwimMomTrishA said...

the sun through those bushes is warming my heart all the way in VEGAS !!!! Miss you all . . . and I am going to miss the day to day as our kids go through the teens years . . . boys are different I know, but man, they still are tough !!!