Sunday, April 11

Taking the good with the bad, I guess.

Lotta stuff going on right now.

Without going into too much detail,
we are at a point in time where we
are realizing some of the consequences of
choices that we have made regarding the last 6 months or
so of our lives. Some good, some not so good.

Many of the decisions were imperative to our
survival, so to speak.
As individuals,
as a couple,
as parents,
and as a family.

And while it has taken a long time to begin
working through all of these decisions,
we know with our hearts and souls,
these were very thought out decisions,
knowing what may not be best for us now,
will be best for us in the end.

Which is why I feel so f**ked up sometimes.
I feel as if I am undeserving of any good that
may come into my life. How could "good" even
come to me right now? Am I humbled enough by
what has happened these last months...? How can
I stand tall when I feel so small?

Well, one thing I make sure I do.....
I look at what I have.
I look at what God has given me.
I look where He has guided me to go.
I look at things that ARE mine,
will always BE mine.

These clowns:
And I remind myself that after all that has happened,
it IS about THEIR future.


Liz said...

Ok, so I am someone who has no idea of any of the nitty-gritty details. Having said that, I still care deeply about your happiness and your family.
Having said THAT - from the outside, looking in, Gini - you are holding things together and getting things done in your usual fashion and building a beautiful life with and for your family.
You are ambitious, confident, intelligent and full of love.
If that's an act or a cover-up, you have fooled me, sista.
And isn't there a saying about that? "Fake it till ya make it!"
You're doing awesome. I love every minute of it from Bloggy WOrld!

katt said...

I am another of those not knowing what happened to bring about all these changes in your lives. But I don't need to know the whys behind your decisions to know that I support you in them.

I've not read in the RJ about bodies unearthed in the backyard of your old house or the billions of dollars that were embezzled by you two. Having done nothing so terrible, I do not understand why you, Gini, of all people, feel so undeserving of the good coming to you. You deserve all the good and so much more. It is out there, in MA, waiting for you around the next bend in the road of your journey.

I wish I was there to give you a little pep talk in the parking lot, a supportive hug passing in the hallway, a wave and smile when you need it most.

Hang in there Gini and hang on to that dearest to you. Remember, any good you do will come back to you. With all the good I saw you do here in Vegas, I can only imagine the amount of good in return still owed to you by the universe.

Good things, great things, amazing things are coming your way...