Friday, April 23

Sometimes we all need a good..

slap in the head...

I was lucky enough to find a song that was downloaded onto my iPhone
accidentally. By Hannah or me....not sure which one of us did NOT recall
purchasing it from iTunes...but...
I like it.
I like it a lot.
And I think I've heard it before.
But I am not sure where or when or whatever...

Time of Our Lives by Paul Van Dyk
Check it out if you can.

There's a time for us to let go
There's a time for holding on
A time to speak, a time to listen
There's a time for us to grow

There's a time for laying low down
There's a time for getting high
A time for peace, a time for fighting
A time to live, a time to die

A time to scream, a time for silence
A time for truth against the lie
A time for faith, a time for science
There's a time for us to shine

There's a time for mixed believing
There's a time to understand
A time for hurt, a time for healing
A time to run, and make a stand

This is the time Of our lives...

WOW - no matter WHAT is going on in our lives -
we need to look at it this way.....seriously.

It's hard to think that all the things above, good and bad,
should be classified as "the time of our lives"...
but it IS the simple truth.

Great song!
If you ever see me feeling sorry for myself
feel free to give me a good slap upside my head.


Bill said...

a very simple truth... the good, the bad and the ugly... whatever moment you are in... it is "the time of our lives."

Feel free to kick me in the butt when I do the same..

SwimMomTrishA said...

The seminar this weekend talked about living in the now. . . if we stress, worry, ponder, re-think, over-think, over-analyze, over organize, then what about the now !! We miss it as it goes by right in front of our eyes !! My take, you can't change the past, you learn from it !! You can't control the future, you hope your make the right choices now so that the future goes a little smoother than the past !!!

Powerful weekend in thoughts and ideas . . . now the challenge is to be open to use the ideas !! hee, hee !!