Saturday, April 3

The park

I honestly can say that I never made it a priority to take the kids to the park
when we lived in Nevada. I can sit here and say that it was just too darn hot
there, but that would be a lie. I just never did and we were usually busy
doing other things.

A friend reminded me though, this morning, of one time
where we enjoyed the whole "park experience" together.
You may remember, but if not - CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!


I met up with Bill and Connor and Garrin at the park yesterday,
after I finished touring University of Massachusetts Amherst
with our friend Kyle who needs to get his ass to college next year!!

I can't say that I feel guilty for not taking the time with them to do that before.
I am sure we were out doing something just as fun,
but it sure was great to see them having a fun time, and I look forward to
taking the time for this
now that I've pulled my life back a notch..........


Bill said...

Fun times..... Next post "The Beach"

Jerolyn said...

I love these photos TOO! And as gross as it was I was glad I got to share that gag/laugh/gag again/shocking experience at the park with you. I now lovingly refer to it as Pedicure Park! Miss you~

Kim said...

Playing in the park rocks! That picture of Connor swinging the bat is phenomenal.