Wednesday, April 7

My Mom - the b*tch

I have resigned myself to the thought that this is probably how my kids
will see me at some point in time. Hopefully not most of the time,
but that is a possibility.

As much as I admit, it is hard being a parent,
I do not forget how hard it was to grow up.

Kids are growing up so much earlier than they used to.
In all aspects.
and certainly Socially.

The hardest part from a parents perspective is that you end up
having to have VERY frank conversations way before you
wanted to
intended to
or ever had to listen to as a child yourself.

But it is what it is. Right? Reality comes into play
and as a parent, you need to step up to the plate,
and do whatever is necessary to get your message across and
protect your child.

Case in point.

It has been a not-so-smooth adjustment for Hannah
in her new middle school. She has gone from a huge school of 1600
to a more intimate school. She went from being extremely popular
to the new kid. And we know how kids treat new kids.
She's gone from a very rigid dress code to a little more flexibility.
Not easy for a pre-teen almost teenager who is trying to define
who they are in what they wear.
She's experienced some bullying. Of which she's handled very
smoothly in the past.

I've tried to give the best advice possible without
taking each and every one of those little shits out myself
interfering too much. Giving advice to my kids,
always ends in me being a hard ass.

Hannah got in the car yesterday all smiles.
She had two new bits of information for me.
1. She is now a member of the Popular Kids of Longmeadow.
She was welcomed into the group yesterday....literally.
They said "Welcome Hannah." wow
2. The school is allowing the kids to wear short shorts.
Fan F**king Tastic.

While I am thrilled that my daughter is Popular now
(did I just say that???)
I am less than thrilled about the shorts.

Without making this blog post never-ending,
I will just condense this into a few words that came up in our hour long
conversation together.

respect, puberty, sluts, tank tops, boyfriends, teen pregnancy,
sex, private parts, body, modesty, reputation

Just shoot me now.

In the end though I told my
beautiful daughter that though today I am the bitch mom,
she will remember this very conversation when she, too, is
sitting in a car, having the very same conversation with HER daughter.
And I hope that while what I say goes, she doesn't hate me too much,
for very long.

What Comes Around Goes Around
She WILL be me someday.


Bill said...

First... I am glad YOU had that conversation with her.

Second... You are a GREAT Mom, she will grow up to be just like you.

Third... When you have the same conversation with Connor, let me know how that went.

love you Bitch Mom.

Unknown said...

I am not at all surprised that she was "welcomed". She'll be running shit in no time, no doubt.
And that whole conversation, altho difficult for both of you, was necessary and will be just more ammunition in her very intelligent, very confident, very mom-built arsenal of life.

Kim said...

Tough conversation for sure, but one that needed to happen. I can't help but worry for those girls whose parents AREN'T having that conversation with them.

Parenting is tough, but to be a good one, you've got to be willing to do the work. You clearly are.

Not looking forward to having that conversation with Gabby someday. Imagine what they'll be wearing by then?