Tuesday, April 6

I know, I know....another dang quote.

"What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to
what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out, into the world,
miracles happen."
Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Sometimes what you have to say,
has already been said by someone else.

Or better yet, sometimes when you have
something to say, someone else says it way better.


Here is my kid.
What lies behind my kid is nothing short of a miracle.

Under his feet......a step in a positive direction
for the Herbst family.
We have just signed a two year lease with option to purchase on a home
here in Longmeadow.
We are here to stay.
We feel some permanence now.
And a great feeling it is.

So, after 4 months here...we are moving.
But it is right down the road a bit.

And while I struggle knowing that my life has been less than
perfect the last six months or so,
making this decision is a "step" in the



I need this for myself.
I want this for Bill.
I know this is for my kids.


Bill said...

boxes, check.... tape, check.... we are all ready for this move......... xo

Bill said...

and.... Garrin is just to gorgeous. We are blessed with 3 very remarkable kids..

Emily said...

Congrats! Moving is always hard, even if it's down the street. Between the years 2008-2011 we will have moved 4 times. On a side note, Garrin such a cutie pie!!!!

Unknown said...


(or however you spell that)

that is GREAT news!
Congrats, Herbsts!

Jerolyn said...

Wow...official huh? That's great. You guys are in a great place with great people and family who love you. I'm happy to hear about the house and can't wait for photos! Love you all...and miss you TONS!

Kim said...

I, for one, couldn't be happier that you are here to stay. I love that we're so close that we can hear the same airplanes flying overhead. =)

Kim said...

Oh, and Garrin looks waaaay too grown up in that picture. It's freaking me out.