Friday, April 30


If you haven't noticed...they are fricken everywhere!
but I HAD the chance to notice this morning,
when I had to make Garrin and myself disappear
while there was a showing on this house.

We opted to take a quick drive around town to waste time.
Left with Garrin still in his jammies....
but two things were still missing....
Connor and his bird identifying book
because we ended up at some conservation area.

So I don't know what the hell I was looking at or taking pictures of..

I don't know - black winged red bird, red winged black bird...
Something like that.
I know this is a swan....
but I didn't know they are mean .....all those early years
of being an ugly duckling I guess.
The thing hissed at me.
I don't know. Something the town must be "conserving"
since he has a homemade house.
Oh, wait! I know this one.
Canadian Goose??? 'cause I'm from Canada......
Check out the duck. Boy and a girl, though one of them
is behind one of the trees. And I didn't even see the
turtles......until I downloaded the photos. I must go back now
to see if I can find them for real!
And this little thing.
Wasn't hard to find this one. All I could here was
peck peck peck peck.....
loud and annoying for sure.
Spotted this tall thing on the way out.
I don't know.....crane.....heron.....egret.....
flamingo??......ok I know it's NOT a flamingo...
All the old ladies were there with their binoculars,
all along the road. As hard as I tried to observe
proper "conservation area" etiquette,
apparently the old folks didn't care for the fact the my truck wasn't pulled
properly over to the side of the road. Told me flat out
that it was parked in the middle of the which, of course,
I marched right over to see for myself, and proudly announced that it was NOT.
AND that I was leaving.......
All in all, it was indeed a pretty cool place I discovered.
Next time I might walk though.

1 comment:

Bill said...

Take me!! I want to go......

Looks cool, maybe Connor and I can sneak a fishing pool in.

That is until the old ladies turn us in....