Saturday, March 20

Why they have self-timers on cameras:

so photographers can actually be a part of this: they can be part of this:
and in case you needed to see this one more time:

Anyway - spent a glorious day at the Connecticut shoreline.
Knew I wanted some up-to-date pictures of my kids proving to the world
that they can actually sit in once place together for more than four seconds
without killing one another.

OH LOOK - I got a smile even..

4 for 4 years old

Connor rockin' the faux-hawk...
Hannah rockin' the sunglasses.....(I hate those glasses, by the way..)
Regardless of my preference for what my daughter wears...
we had a great morning, followed up by a great afternoon,
hooking up with Kyle, our friend from Nevada,
we are keeping him and not letting him go back.

bwahhh hahaha hahaha...

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