Monday, March 15

Too tired to talk about it

This weekend was truly exhausting. It actually began on Thursday
afternoon. Hannah was swimming at Wesleyan University
at the Connecticut Age Group Championship meet.
Four days of preliminary swims and if you make top 16 - finals swims at night.

She was back every night.

I'd begun Thursday taking really crappy photos.
Just couldn't get my settings right.
Shooting on TV for motion shots
and on AV when not.
Too much light, not enough light.
Not knowing really WHAT THE EFF I'M DOING!
and wanting to watch my kid in the interim.
I just wish the settings were the same for every single indoor
pool because it would make my life so much easier.....

And forget shooting finals.
The races were so stinking exciting you just couldn't pick up the
camera to fiddle with it - you might just miss something.

So these were from Saturday when the air was so
flipping heavy and wet and muggy.
Couldn't get the fog to clear from my glasses
let alone my camera lens.

No no no, it's not some cool photoshop action.
It's a wet lens. Anyway. Age Groups are a thing of the past now.
Hannah will be off to Eastern Zones now.
They take the top two swimmers in each age group.
She will be traveling to this meet for the first time...
Without me.
or Bill.
Or her coach.

She will be traveling on a bus to New York with the whole CT Zone Team.
for five days

I can't talk about it anymore.
I need to wrap my brain around that one.
Get back to you soon.....


Chris said...

Great Job! Very proud uncle over here...

Bill said...

Both kids did FANTASTIC!!! Nothing better then sitting and watching your kids feel good about themselves...... A weekend of smiles and high fives!

Unknown said...

Where in NY? Do you want me to send some spies in?

Emily said...

Congrats to Hannah! I have a feeling we'll be hearing her name one day at the Olympics :)

SwimMomTrishA said...

OhMyHolyHeck - - -wow !!!! Congrats to my two little fishies !!! Rock Stars all the way !! Smiling from ear to ear !!! Yippie !!!!