Monday, March 8


It was the most perfect day outside.
58 degrees and complete with blue skies.
I decided not to be the usual slavedriving mom,
and let the kids play outside when they got home from school
instead of riding them like a pony to study
to get some fresh air.
I love seeing the kids bikes laying on the ground.
This is a HUGE bike riding town.
Kids and bikes are everywhere.
So I am glad that my kids are fitting in to all
of that.

Connor and Garrin even got on a
little game of baseball in the backyard.
I love
when they get along
that they play together so nicely
when I force them too.
I am sure there will be many more days in the backyard like this.

Oh and before I go......

I swung my camera a little to the right
and this is what I saw...
Yup. That's our Christmas tree.
Still in the stand.
In the backyard.
Laying on the grass.
Waiting for someone to take it to Tree Heaven.

Bill thought it would be a good place for the birds to nest........
I'm pretty sure.....that's a little too close to the ground for them.

What is the date? March what?


Bill said...

It's not to late to toss it into the fireplace.... One last fire...

erica said...


SwimMomTrishA said...

giggle, giggle, giggle. . . gotta love husbands. . . maybe Bill thought the coming snow might cover it and you wouldn't notice. . . or maybe he thought you wouldn't go outside until it was like 80 degrees !! Too funny !!

BTW - - your photo skills are rapidly improving. . . some of those photos, angles, focus,etc look like print ads !! Great job my friend and I say that with every green with envy bone in my body !!