Tuesday, March 23

Let's talk about Craigslist for a minute.

First off - Have you ever typed in craigslist dot com instead of craigslist dot org??

Aye yay yay


Just a few things I have been thinking about since I have
been scouring the website lately for "finds" for my studio...

To the sellers:

I am pretty much not even gonna LOOK at your ad without a photo.
How do you suppose you're gonna sell that item without a picture?
And NO, not a picture of it from some website on how it looked brand new..
what it looks like right now. After you used it.
One exception to the non-photo - you put something ridiculous in the heading such as "10".
Of course I want to see exactly what "10" is that you have for sale.

I am also not gonna LOOK at what's for sale if you say L@@K!!
Save that for e-bay.

I am pretty much not gonna CLICK into your ad if something is misspelled
in the title. For instance an Oke Table. It's O.A.K. dip-shit.
I am not looking for a Dinning room table because I don't HAVE a dinning room.
I have a DINING room.

Once again, if I do click in your ad and there is a misspelling within the ad- forget it.
Not even gonna consider it. Even if it is free. (well maybe if it's free...)

If you do run an ad with photos - don't use your damn cell-phone to take
the pictures. They suck. YOU know they suck when you
upload them before you post your ad. Why do you post them anyway?
Blurry photos don't sell items. And don't go down in your cellar and
photograph the shit laying next to all the other shit down there.
I don't want to see your messy house. I just want to see the cheap
shit that you want to get rid of. Don't make me afraid to come pick
something up.

Speaking of cheap. If you think the stuff that you've contemplated throwing
in the dump that is just sitting in your house, basement or garage is worth
more than ....let's say.....a couple hundred bucks - put it on e-bay.
Craigslist is a quick way to get stuff out of your possession and
into someone else's as cheap and as fast as possible.

If you are listing something under antiques - let's make sure it is in fact,
an antique. If it is - it probably would render you sooo much more
money in an actual ANTIQUE shop. Not on craigslist....cause you think
it's worth a lot - and I only want to pay a little.

Besides the fact I gotta drive somewhere to pick this shit up.

OK - So now the buyers:

If I am selling a couple of the same item but different sizes - read the friggen ad.
Don't ask me why I have two of the same thing for sale. I don't.
I put the specifications right in the ad. Be smart. Don't be a jackass.

If I am selling a bedroom set, the word SET is pretty self-explanatory.
SET means a couple of things. Don't ask for the price of the dresser that
is part of the bedroom SET. It is the same price with or without the bed.
You pick.

If I have a dining room set for sale, and shame on me, I forgot to take
off the table runner and silk arrangement before I took a pretty picture of it..
NO the arrangement and runner are NOT INCLUDED. If it was it would say
so in the ad.

So that's it in a nutshell.
Gotta love craigslist just about as much as you hate it.

I've sold some stuff.
I've bought some stuff.
I even found my studio space on craigslist.

I guess I will just "keep on keepin' on" with it to see what other
treasures I can find. I may be all done with selling stuff on it.
Too much of a hassle for me.

Just remember org.


Chris said...

AWESOME POST. I am nominating this for Craigslist's best-of! If you are ever bored, read the posts in this section.

Emily said...

Have you tried I smiled through the whole post and could hear those exact words coming out of your mouth. By the way I have some Geo Trax trains and vehicles that we don't use any more that I would be happy to send to you. The Geo Trax track "got lost by the movers" if you know what I mean.

Unknown said...

Totally FREE and good for the Earth.

btw - I tried to go to DOT COM and it just redirected me. darnnit.