Friday, March 5

It's not in the book

Thanks to the Lantieri's, my kids got a very cool birdfeeder
and some highly overpriced birdseed for Christmas.
Thanks to the weather around here, it has been
near impossible to drive a stake, or more like a huge post,
into the frozen tundra....
until the beginning of this week,
when the thaw started.

My brother explained that it would take a few days before
the birds knew where to go, so as we all waited patiently,
Connor asked me to get him a bird identifying book, so
he'd be all set when the time came.

So Barnes and Noble I went yesterday.
For some reason....I can't find this one in the book.

Oh here is the little #$%&*@
on his way over....again.
It's like he's checking ME out,
that little $%#@.

Yup, right up he goes.
Right past where the baffle should be that my brother
said was very important to get.

$%^&$#@ !!!!!

Look at this little punk.
Mocking a way only a squirrel can do.
Little %^&*$#@.

So this weekend we will go in search of that much needed baffle.
But in the meantime:

calling all birds


SwimMomTrishA said...

WtF is up with Rocky the flying squirrel - - you know that little mocking *&#%$@ is telling all his friends that the Herbsts are from Vegas and they are now serving a buffet in their front yard . . .and then they all snicker and say in unison. . . City Folks !!!

Kim said...

Have you seen any black squirrels yet? There are tons of them in town, and they're awesome!

Unknown said...

Hilarious post. Welcome back!

Allison said...

Ahhh, yes, You'll have to ask Chris about "the bucket 'o death" that our landlord suggested . . .