Tuesday, March 16

I'm not really sure..

how I feel about this.
So I am just going to put it out there.

Someone said to me once....or maybe a handful of times...
"Lower your expectations a bit. Then you won't be disappointed."

Makes sense.

Why set yourself up?

What is an expectation, actually?


1. anticipation of something happening: a confident belief or strong hope that a particular event will happen
2. notion of something: a mental image of something expected, often compared to its reality
3. expected standard: a standard of conduct or performance expected by or of somebody

I looked up famous quotes pertaining to "expectations".
I'd say its about a 50 50 stance.
Having expectations is a good thing.
Having them is a bad thing.
Pretty evenly split.

Does it come down to expectations of someONE vs. someTHING?

Does that make having "them" different?
or it is
that it doesn't matter?

Do fallen expectations of a person
hurt any less
than the fallen expectations of something you desire out of life,
something you work hard for,
something you struggle for?

I have to believe that according to the words spoken above -
it would tend to lean more toward people.

One's expectations of how a person should be,
or act,
or re-act.

Sometimes having to do such a thing really fricken sucks.
Am I expecting too much?
All for the sake of happiness.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I don't know what you're referring to in your own life - but in my life, I hear that a lot, too.
I hear it because I am often left disappointed when my gestures (whatever that may be at the time) go unrequited (however I might like them to be acknowledged at the time).
I would still rather be disappointed than to lower my expectations but it does wear on me. And sometimes I feel my heart hardening towards this one or that one. And then I am always so relieved when the tears come. Because I'd rather feel sad than feel nothing.
So - don't lower your expectations, Gini.
Expect the best when you know you give your best. You deserve no less.