Monday, March 22

Heart Ache

It is very sad indeed, when a decision you've made,
big time.

When we were packing up and getting ready to move,
we took the opportunity to "downsize", I guess,
is the appropriate word.

And up to this point have not regretted it one iota.
Not even a little bit.

Until now.
Until Garrin asked when we were going to unpack
his trains and his train table.....

"Why haven't we taken them out of the box yet?" he asked.

Now my kids, all three, have been playing with Thomas trains for
about 11 years. So by last year, we'd accumulated more trains, track, buildings.. much so that we'd give the Toys R Us train display area
a decent run for its money....

I made the call to give them away.

I just figured Garrin would turn his interest to his Geo-Trax
train set instead. But he didn't .............

So, no Garrin. They are not in a box somewhere.
I have been lying to you for months now.
And I am sorry.
So sorry that my heart hurts.

In the meantime, he seems to be making due with the little set I bought for him.


Unknown said...

omg, Gini.
I feel for you. My heart hurts a little reading this.

Emily said...

I have a bunch of Geo-Track engines that our movers "lost" I can send them to you.