Friday, March 19


This is Bully 1
Bully 2.

They are the Rulers of The Feeder.
They do not let ANY of the other pee-on birds
partake in the feast.

This little guy just sits and waits.....
for some scraps to fall out of the Bully's beaks.

" lookin' at me...?? Huh??"

"Please, please drop more. And if you don't, I don't mind. I prefer the
peanuts that these idiots that live here throw out every

Here is little Miss Delicate waiting for her leftovers.

"Because this guy is too busy fending for himself........."

Oh and here comes "#$%^&#?!..............

I know I know.
I'm just making it easier with the damn peanuts, right???
He is kinda cute though.


Bill said...

You are funny... I'm happy you are enjoying the wild life... xo

Allison said...

Female cardinals are my ABSOLUTE favorite. She is so sweet! Glad you have your own pair over there to admire.

Unknown said...

We do not have any Cards or Blues... Peckers. All I get is PECKERS.
That does it. We're coming!!! LOL!!!

Very funny post, very great pictures. I loved it!

Carol said...

Wow - berds with color - not a grey dove, quail, roadrunner, black crow or pigeon. Nice (:

Chris said...

Great post, love the pictures.