Wednesday, March 31


Well, she's off.
My Hannah is off to New York.
Off to be part of a the biggest team for her so far.

Connecticut Swimming Zone Team

Obviously (because I don't want to jinx it by saying hopefully)
this is just the first step in a lotta steps toward
for her.

I am not going with her, which is killing me.
But she needs to learn
and I need to show her

It's all good.

Tuesday, March 30

because he can

Just because it's been doing this for the last couple days

doesn't mean that the newest addition to the family
was going to not get paid attention to
by Connor
no matter how

he got.

Sunday, March 28

The glass is half empty....

because the cat dish is totally empty.....

Saturday, March 27

We had like...

an extra 17 hours or so... last night we decided on a Friday Night Monopoly Marathon.
A fun time was had by all of ............


Friday, March 26

I think I may have a problem....

unless this happens to you...

and your Keurig.

the small build-up of k-cups
next to the machine???

Not that I am saying that my house is continually immaculate,
but even when the kitchen is sparkling clean,
this little mountain still happens.....

oh well.

here's to a
caffeine injected
"everything happens for a reason"

Thursday, March 25

Team Up Thursday

Our theme this week was - HAPPY
My sister's is on top - her A.dorable baby girl.

Mine is the bottom one. I just didn't know how I wanted to capture
the theme. I thought and thought and thought about it since Sunday.
Last night we went out for Chinese and this was my fortune.


Wednesday, March 24

What I do...

when I am sitting around waiting for Hannah to come out
of the pool from swim workout.......ahem....20 minutes late........

I drive around and take pictures.
Sunset time is especially pretty right now.

Tuesday, March 23

Let's talk about Craigslist for a minute.

First off - Have you ever typed in craigslist dot com instead of craigslist dot org??

Aye yay yay


Just a few things I have been thinking about since I have
been scouring the website lately for "finds" for my studio...

To the sellers:

I am pretty much not even gonna LOOK at your ad without a photo.
How do you suppose you're gonna sell that item without a picture?
And NO, not a picture of it from some website on how it looked brand new..
what it looks like right now. After you used it.
One exception to the non-photo - you put something ridiculous in the heading such as "10".
Of course I want to see exactly what "10" is that you have for sale.

I am also not gonna LOOK at what's for sale if you say L@@K!!
Save that for e-bay.

I am pretty much not gonna CLICK into your ad if something is misspelled
in the title. For instance an Oke Table. It's O.A.K. dip-shit.
I am not looking for a Dinning room table because I don't HAVE a dinning room.
I have a DINING room.

Once again, if I do click in your ad and there is a misspelling within the ad- forget it.
Not even gonna consider it. Even if it is free. (well maybe if it's free...)

If you do run an ad with photos - don't use your damn cell-phone to take
the pictures. They suck. YOU know they suck when you
upload them before you post your ad. Why do you post them anyway?
Blurry photos don't sell items. And don't go down in your cellar and
photograph the shit laying next to all the other shit down there.
I don't want to see your messy house. I just want to see the cheap
shit that you want to get rid of. Don't make me afraid to come pick
something up.

Speaking of cheap. If you think the stuff that you've contemplated throwing
in the dump that is just sitting in your house, basement or garage is worth
more than ....let's say.....a couple hundred bucks - put it on e-bay.
Craigslist is a quick way to get stuff out of your possession and
into someone else's as cheap and as fast as possible.

If you are listing something under antiques - let's make sure it is in fact,
an antique. If it is - it probably would render you sooo much more
money in an actual ANTIQUE shop. Not on craigslist....cause you think
it's worth a lot - and I only want to pay a little.

Besides the fact I gotta drive somewhere to pick this shit up.

OK - So now the buyers:

If I am selling a couple of the same item but different sizes - read the friggen ad.
Don't ask me why I have two of the same thing for sale. I don't.
I put the specifications right in the ad. Be smart. Don't be a jackass.

If I am selling a bedroom set, the word SET is pretty self-explanatory.
SET means a couple of things. Don't ask for the price of the dresser that
is part of the bedroom SET. It is the same price with or without the bed.
You pick.

If I have a dining room set for sale, and shame on me, I forgot to take
off the table runner and silk arrangement before I took a pretty picture of it..
NO the arrangement and runner are NOT INCLUDED. If it was it would say
so in the ad.

So that's it in a nutshell.
Gotta love craigslist just about as much as you hate it.

I've sold some stuff.
I've bought some stuff.
I even found my studio space on craigslist.

I guess I will just "keep on keepin' on" with it to see what other
treasures I can find. I may be all done with selling stuff on it.
Too much of a hassle for me.

Just remember org.

Monday, March 22

Heart Ache

It is very sad indeed, when a decision you've made,
big time.

When we were packing up and getting ready to move,
we took the opportunity to "downsize", I guess,
is the appropriate word.

And up to this point have not regretted it one iota.
Not even a little bit.

Until now.
Until Garrin asked when we were going to unpack
his trains and his train table.....

"Why haven't we taken them out of the box yet?" he asked.

Now my kids, all three, have been playing with Thomas trains for
about 11 years. So by last year, we'd accumulated more trains, track, buildings.. much so that we'd give the Toys R Us train display area
a decent run for its money....

I made the call to give them away.

I just figured Garrin would turn his interest to his Geo-Trax
train set instead. But he didn't .............

So, no Garrin. They are not in a box somewhere.
I have been lying to you for months now.
And I am sorry.
So sorry that my heart hurts.

In the meantime, he seems to be making due with the little set I bought for him.

Saturday, March 20

Why they have self-timers on cameras:

so photographers can actually be a part of this: they can be part of this:
and in case you needed to see this one more time:

Anyway - spent a glorious day at the Connecticut shoreline.
Knew I wanted some up-to-date pictures of my kids proving to the world
that they can actually sit in once place together for more than four seconds
without killing one another.

OH LOOK - I got a smile even..

4 for 4 years old

Connor rockin' the faux-hawk...
Hannah rockin' the sunglasses.....(I hate those glasses, by the way..)
Regardless of my preference for what my daughter wears...
we had a great morning, followed up by a great afternoon,
hooking up with Kyle, our friend from Nevada,
we are keeping him and not letting him go back.

bwahhh hahaha hahaha...

Friday, March 19


This is Bully 1
Bully 2.

They are the Rulers of The Feeder.
They do not let ANY of the other pee-on birds
partake in the feast.

This little guy just sits and waits.....
for some scraps to fall out of the Bully's beaks.

" lookin' at me...?? Huh??"

"Please, please drop more. And if you don't, I don't mind. I prefer the
peanuts that these idiots that live here throw out every

Here is little Miss Delicate waiting for her leftovers.

"Because this guy is too busy fending for himself........."

Oh and here comes "#$%^&#?!..............

I know I know.
I'm just making it easier with the damn peanuts, right???
He is kinda cute though.

Thursday, March 18

Team Up Thursday

Can you say
Close Up theme withOUT a macro lens......????

We did it though.
Kimmy on top
me on the bottom.

I love these weekly projects, by the way!

Wednesday, March 17

What's little and green and goes 200 mph?

a leprechaun in a blender.
There once were three kids wearin' green
Who did not possess one Irish gene.
They donned the queer hat,
while I snapped them, they sat.
For on this blog post they'll be seen.


Tuesday, March 16

I'm not really sure..

how I feel about this.
So I am just going to put it out there.

Someone said to me once....or maybe a handful of times...
"Lower your expectations a bit. Then you won't be disappointed."

Makes sense.

Why set yourself up?

What is an expectation, actually?


1. anticipation of something happening: a confident belief or strong hope that a particular event will happen
2. notion of something: a mental image of something expected, often compared to its reality
3. expected standard: a standard of conduct or performance expected by or of somebody

I looked up famous quotes pertaining to "expectations".
I'd say its about a 50 50 stance.
Having expectations is a good thing.
Having them is a bad thing.
Pretty evenly split.

Does it come down to expectations of someONE vs. someTHING?

Does that make having "them" different?
or it is
that it doesn't matter?

Do fallen expectations of a person
hurt any less
than the fallen expectations of something you desire out of life,
something you work hard for,
something you struggle for?

I have to believe that according to the words spoken above -
it would tend to lean more toward people.

One's expectations of how a person should be,
or act,
or re-act.

Sometimes having to do such a thing really fricken sucks.
Am I expecting too much?
All for the sake of happiness.

Monday, March 15

Too tired to talk about it

This weekend was truly exhausting. It actually began on Thursday
afternoon. Hannah was swimming at Wesleyan University
at the Connecticut Age Group Championship meet.
Four days of preliminary swims and if you make top 16 - finals swims at night.

She was back every night.

I'd begun Thursday taking really crappy photos.
Just couldn't get my settings right.
Shooting on TV for motion shots
and on AV when not.
Too much light, not enough light.
Not knowing really WHAT THE EFF I'M DOING!
and wanting to watch my kid in the interim.
I just wish the settings were the same for every single indoor
pool because it would make my life so much easier.....

And forget shooting finals.
The races were so stinking exciting you just couldn't pick up the
camera to fiddle with it - you might just miss something.

So these were from Saturday when the air was so
flipping heavy and wet and muggy.
Couldn't get the fog to clear from my glasses
let alone my camera lens.

No no no, it's not some cool photoshop action.
It's a wet lens. Anyway. Age Groups are a thing of the past now.
Hannah will be off to Eastern Zones now.
They take the top two swimmers in each age group.
She will be traveling to this meet for the first time...
Without me.
or Bill.
Or her coach.

She will be traveling on a bus to New York with the whole CT Zone Team.
for five days

I can't talk about it anymore.
I need to wrap my brain around that one.
Get back to you soon.....

Thursday, March 11

Team Up Thursday....relax....

If just hearing those words,
makes you want to drift off into a little cat nap,
wait one sec
and check out the RELAX diptych
my sister and I did this week.

Dang we work well together huh?

Wednesday, March 10

Cousins that play together..

stay together.

Everything happens for a reason.
And whatever led to us moving back here,
the reason ended up being the above.

Tuesday, March 9

I don't know where Connor got his information...

but as far as I know:

Sparkly things that hang from the ceiling in dance clubs???

Monday, March 8


It was the most perfect day outside.
58 degrees and complete with blue skies.
I decided not to be the usual slavedriving mom,
and let the kids play outside when they got home from school
instead of riding them like a pony to study
to get some fresh air.
I love seeing the kids bikes laying on the ground.
This is a HUGE bike riding town.
Kids and bikes are everywhere.
So I am glad that my kids are fitting in to all
of that.

Connor and Garrin even got on a
little game of baseball in the backyard.
I love
when they get along
that they play together so nicely
when I force them too.
I am sure there will be many more days in the backyard like this.

Oh and before I go......

I swung my camera a little to the right
and this is what I saw...
Yup. That's our Christmas tree.
Still in the stand.
In the backyard.
Laying on the grass.
Waiting for someone to take it to Tree Heaven.

Bill thought it would be a good place for the birds to nest........
I'm pretty sure.....that's a little too close to the ground for them.

What is the date? March what?

Sunday, March 7

Under Construction

I am obsessed working very hard on a new design for this blog
that hopefully after many long hours of watching tutorials like a lunatic
I can incorporate into my new business.

So if you are playing around with some buttons and
you are thinking about never coming here again out of frustration
nothing is happening, bear with me.

I think it's gonna be great.

Saturday, March 6

I'm just sayin'...

nobody rocks the monkey footed jammies

while eating yummy "cimmonin" and sugar french toast sticks

like my Garrin first thing in the morning.