Friday, February 5

A teeny tiny word...



belonging to me: belonging or related to the speaker

How often we just say that word.
All the time in fact.
Without thinking twice.

I was talking to Bill the other day.
I brought to his attention a phrase that he's been saying for a long time.
As long as I've known him for sure.

"MY...(such and such).."

I said to him. "Did you ever stop to think that as often as you've said that phrase,
MY never really referred to something that was in fact YOURS??"
"That in all actuality it was SOMEONE ELSE'S??"
"For a very long time?"

But nonetheless you (we) say the word without thinking.

I will say though, when I listen to my husband say
"MY ...(such and such).." as I have for the last couple of days,
it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Because now it actually belongs to HIM.


Unknown said...

Again - an entry that is about perception.

How does one perceive something to be their own?

How is another perceiving one's intention with using the word "my" vs what the person is actually intending?

I do it all the time. "My" room, "My" kids, "My" house - all usually when I am talking to my husband! LOL

Love it. :)

Unknown said...

My friend! ♥

SwimMomTrishA said...

My attitude. . . the only thing I can truly control myself and I can take ownership of it without anyone else owning it or taking credit for it !!

<3 u my frined. . . there is that word again - MY - I don't own you, but I can take ownership or co-ownership of our friendship !!!