Thursday, February 4

Team-Up Thursday....Dark

My sister's picture is on the left.
Mine - on the right.

When I read the "theme" I knew immediately what I wanted to
photograph....but the meaning became so much deeper after I shot it.
My head has been very "dark" of late.
It was to be a self-portrait.

When I saw the photo I knew the meaning was two-fold. That photography, which has
been very therapeutic for me, and seeing the picture of the lens....
it's dark-ness, added new meaning.

How awesome that on one side of the camera, when you look at it,
it appears so dark and deep and "nothing"...
but when you look through it from the other side,
through the viewfinder,
beauty is right there waiting to have it's picture taken.

So cool!!


Kim said...

I think your nails being painted dark adds a nice element, too...

Unknown said...

That was really well written. And very thought provoking.
Nice. :)

SwimMomTrishA said...

love this new Thursday project !!! LOVE IT !!!