Sunday, February 21

Not once, but twice.

There will be no visuals with this post.
Hopefully I can convey in words exactly what I need to.


Early afternoon, Connor decided he wanted to go and play outside
with Garrin. After what seemed to be about an hour of getting
on the boots, the coats, the hats, the mittens.....they were ready to head
outside to play. "Are you playing out front or out back?" I asked.
"Out front." Connor replied.
Let's say about 15 minutes passed when they came in the front door,
with Connor proclaiming, "We are going to play out back now."
They trudged in, in all their winter gear to head out the back door.

We don't have a back door.

Then tonight, I was cleaning up the kitchen a little. I called to Connor.
"Hey Connor. On that rack in the basement, I put Uncle Chris' coffee
maker. Can you bring it up to me, please??" "Oh and the glass know what a carafe is, right?" "Yes" he replied.
"Please be careful and make two trips if you have to. I don't want it
to break, OK??" "OK."

He came upstairs with a metal colander.

Winter break is over and it's back to school tomorrow...............

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