Tuesday, February 16

Maybe it's a sign.

Whatever it was, I was fascinated.
Fascinated with the amount of churches in Schenectady, NY.
Swim meet, you say??
What swim meet?

Just kidding. Hannah had a very good meet.
A terrific experience for a 12 year old. While I say to myself that
she was fortunate to be able to swim in such a "big" meet,
I forget...she worked her BUTT off for this moment and deserved
every single minute of it. While some of those minutes were spent
adding time to a swim or two......other moments were ones that she
will be and should be proud of for a long time to come.

So anyhoo.
Swim meet, schwim meet....
I was talking about churches.
A LOT of churches.

So many that I felt compelled to take pictures of them all.
So after I dropped Hannah off at the hotel with the rest of the team
to run around like crazy fools, laughing, joking, and having fun
to rest,
I went out to do some drive-by's.....
(That is what it felt like in some of these areas of town,
it was truly not a place to hop out of your car.......)
So look past the street signs, the power lines, at all these gorgeous
buildings.....I only got 13.....but there were so many more.

So, was this a sign that I need to go back to church??


Hannah said...

no. it is NOT a sign that we need to go back to church. its a sign though. for you to take more pictures of churches. love you mommy :D

Bill said...

It is a sign that you need a new lens to capture these types of shots.......

Hannah said...


Chris said...

Jesus Christ, that is a lot of churches!

SwimMomTrishA said...

nice Chris . . small town with a church on every corner. . .not the huge mega churches being built now a days. . . love the one with the red door, and the 3rd one, don't know why, but looks small, cozy and inviting !!! and yes Bill, Gini could ALWAYS need a new lense for something !!!

Emily said...

I just realized how much I've missed brick buildings! I've been stuck with stucco way too long!

Annette said...

Those are all beautiful nice to experience something so different from Vegas!