Monday, February 15

Let's watch these first...

and talk about them after.
Couple things, first though....turn your volume down a little, AND I found
the following on my iPhone.

ok. That's my kid.

This is what I've deduced:

1. He's a natural in front of the camera.
2. He has amazing fine motor skills, operating my iPhone by himself like a pro.
3. As good as he is with parallel and partner play, his individual play
skills are unbelievable.
4. He has nice teeth.
5. My house looks way cleaner than it actually is when the camera is
moving around at lightening speed and I like that.
6. The neighbors did not call the police.
7. I'm not sure swimming is the way to go with HIS extra curricular talent when it
comes time to pick out something.
8. He is mine all mine, and NOT for sale.
9. Thank God, they don't make straight jackets that small.
10. I might be going to jail for child neglect, since I don't know WHERE the heck I was
when he took these. One would think I would have HEARD him.

And oh, by the way...there were about 10 others, too.


Chris said...

That is frickin hysterical! I love that kid!

Sharon said...

Not to mention his speech!!! HELLO!!! He sounds like a BIG BOY!!!