Friday, February 12

J is for Jesus

And that is pretty much what I said yesterday when I opened Garrin's backpack
to find it was his turn (again) taking home "The Letter Bag".
The Letter Bag is a bag that the kids in his class rotate taking home
each night with the letter they are working on. Each letter goes home
twice in a row to individual kids.

This bag first came home a few weeks back with the letter F.
" #ucking great", I said when we got that one.
He is in speech and gets a letter he can't even say.
And to boot, we were the second one to get that letter,
so Kid #1 collected all the good stuff.

So here it comes again - The Letter Bag. This time with the letter J.
And guess what? Garrin is Kid #2 again.
So Kid #1 of course brought in all the easy ones....
Jelly, Juice, Jet, .........

Here is what we came up with:

OK, so did I say "we"?
Yup, well that would be ME.
Not we. Why?
Because my kid has NO FRIGGEN IDEA about
letter/sound/word association

Not even a little bit.

He's 4.
AND in his second year of Pre-K speech.

No idea.

This is the same kid that sings:
"A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,M,O,P,Q,R,S,X,Y, you know my ABC's..
next time won't you come with me."

This is the same kid,
"Garrin, what does Bill start with...B...B...B...Bill??"



Anyhoo. In comparing Connor (a speech kid graduate) with Garrin..
come on folks, you know you all do your kids to each other,
and to everybody else's kids.....
Connor at this age was reading right before getting ready to enter Kindergarten.

Garrin? Not so much. NOT.EVEN.CLOSE.

That's OK. He'll get there in his own sweet time. And he'll have an
extra year, thank you Jesus (that begins with J).

He's gonna need it!!!


LaAna said...

HILARIOUS Gini!!! And I totally agree with you on the comparison thing, I mean what else do you have to go by! All in due time, right?!?! :)

Kim said...

"F"ing hysterical!

He's come so far - you know it's only a matter of time.

BTW, I'm pretty sure puzzle piece starts with P. What am I missing?

Dennis said...

Most importantly, he's one of the nicest, well-behaved kids I've ever met.

He's going to do just fine.

SwimMomTrishA said...

giggle, giggle, hee, hee !!! Thank you. . . I needed that mommy laugh moment. . . did I ever tell you I love Garrin. . . And Garrin loves Trish - - now if he will only say the A !!!!

Becca said...
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Sharon C. said...

Oh, Sweet Garrin. He has no interest in letters or their sounds. All that matters to Garrin.... where is the police car and fire truck..woo woo woo woo woo woo..

A few of the boys started doing the Garrin "Woo woo" last week. I almost cried!

Hugs to all.

Jerolyn said...

Jerolyn starts with J...wish he could've taken me!

p.s. Gin you'ld totally make it into to gate with your Jif and your Jigsaw puzzle...way to think outside the box girl!

Kim said...