Monday, February 22

I've got a lot to do

to get ready for TeamUp Thursday this week.
The theme is

First order of business is to get over this friggin cold I have.
I am not about to take a picture of myself with swollen eyes,
a nose so red, I am giving Rudolph a run for his money,
cruddy hair, no makeup....sweats....

Tomorrow I have an appointment to have LipoSuction over
my entire lower half - tummy, thighs, stomach...
Then on Wednesday - maybe some Botox, a hair cut and color..

Just kidding.
But I'm not kidding when I say I'm a bit nervous.
That's not so pretty at times.

Well, off the computer and into the tanning bed for me..

kidding, kidding............
Well will just see what I come up with for this week.
It would help if I looked like Julia Roberts, like my partner (my sister)


Chris said...

you are more beautiful now than ever, what are you talking about.

Kim said...

Totally agree, Chris...