Saturday, February 6

It must be love.

Alternate blog post title:
"Reason number 349, why I love Connor....regardless......"

We left for a swim meet this morning. It was about 8 am. Not as early
as these kids are used to by any means, which is to their advantage one would think.
A little more time to "wake up" and get ready to swim.

So we are in my truck headed to the meet
and I said to Connor:
"Hey Connor, can you look in my makeup bag in my purse and see if I
have a tiny, small, blue tube of Abreva. It is cold sore medicine."

So after a couple of minutes this is what he hands me:

Let's see.
Not a tube.
But it is blue for sure.
Come on Connor.

I don't think so.
I do love him....even when he leaves his brain
on top of his Playstation.

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