Sunday, February 7


While I was forcing myself out of deep depression
watching the Colts let the Saints win the Super Bowl,
apparently my son was busy getting to know one of his cousin Ella's toys.

This is She.
And She didn't leave Garrin's side all evening.
Here She is
banging her head on each and every step
heading up to bed.

I best make a run to Target tomorrow to get our own She..
or better yet,
maybe a He.

So in closing this Super Bowl Sunday night,

Goodnight Indianapolis.

Goodnight Peyton.

Goodnight Garrin.

Goodnight She.

Goodnight any thought I had that my son would not play with dolls.


Unknown said...

That is precious.
Fact: little guys with big sisters play with girly toys. No way around it.
In your case, "big sis" was probably done with dollies & barbies & that sort of thing by the time Garrin would have been interested.
Clearly, Ella & Gabby have their work cut out for them. :)

Allison said...


SwimMomTrishA said...

That kid has LOVE in his heart. . . he must get it from his momma !!!