Friday, February 26

Dear Michael Phelps,

I need a little help here. You see, my daughter, like you, is a competitive
swimmer. She is 12. Here is a picture of her room:
Did yours look like this, Michael? (obviously, absent the pink curtains and walls..)
I'm just curious.

Did you do this also??:
Leave all the drawers part way open?

And how about this:
Leave the TV on EVERY.SINGLE.DAY before you left
for school or swim practice?

And trust me. I know. I know you swimmers need your water.
Bottled water that is. But do you remember doing this??:
Letting many plastic bottles accumulate on your nightstand?? And you can
see by the condensation inside the bottle that the front one has been
there for a while now.

And let me ask you.....Did you undress and just leave everything
right where you were standing before jumping into bed at night?
Did you?
Did you ever make your bed?

I am just wondering.

email me back when you can:
Thanks so much - Gini Herbst

p.s. You rock, by the way.


erica said...

Is that a pringles can I see near the radiator??? What a freakin mess!!! Saturday..clean day!

Carol L said...

I love this - and when he answers I bet it is his mom!!