Sunday, February 28

awww yeah, baby


Saturday, February 27

"The Northeast Gets Hit Hard With Snow"

Drove Hannah to the pool this morning
to a beautiful dusting of snow
covering everything.
And just in case this is it,
since spring is right around the corner....

Friday, February 26

Dear Michael Phelps,

I need a little help here. You see, my daughter, like you, is a competitive
swimmer. She is 12. Here is a picture of her room:
Did yours look like this, Michael? (obviously, absent the pink curtains and walls..)
I'm just curious.

Did you do this also??:
Leave all the drawers part way open?

And how about this:
Leave the TV on EVERY.SINGLE.DAY before you left
for school or swim practice?

And trust me. I know. I know you swimmers need your water.
Bottled water that is. But do you remember doing this??:
Letting many plastic bottles accumulate on your nightstand?? And you can
see by the condensation inside the bottle that the front one has been
there for a while now.

And let me ask you.....Did you undress and just leave everything
right where you were standing before jumping into bed at night?
Did you?
Did you ever make your bed?

I am just wondering.

email me back when you can:
Thanks so much - Gini Herbst

p.s. You rock, by the way.

Thursday, February 25

Team Up Thursday - Self-Portrait

The photo:
I tell MY SISTER every week that we've outdone ourselves....
in an "amatuer-ish" kinda way...
but this week, the way she laid out this diptych is outstanding.
We DID NOT pre-plan this.....

Wednesday, February 24

As Jack Johnson sings....

SITTING in my truck
WAITING for Connor
WISHING there had been more snow than rain....

I was playing around with a new photoshop technique, which works
amazingly well on landscape photos and knew it would work perfectly
on these photos of our rainy day.
It kind of made them a little more misty and magical, I think.

I have to say - we have really been enjoying the weather.
Seeing it as something beautiful rather than menacing.
And really appreciating it. Hannah has, especially.
(and we all know EVERYTHING is better through the
eyes of a child, isn't it???)
I also am so grateful that I am able to be here and
capture the proof of that in pictures.

Tuesday, February 23


I say "Mr. Bubble" all the way.
I always know when Hannah is on the mend.
She wants to take a bubble bath.

Glad both my kids are on the upswing.
Here's to a

Monday, February 22

I've got a lot to do

to get ready for TeamUp Thursday this week.
The theme is

First order of business is to get over this friggin cold I have.
I am not about to take a picture of myself with swollen eyes,
a nose so red, I am giving Rudolph a run for his money,
cruddy hair, no makeup....sweats....

Tomorrow I have an appointment to have LipoSuction over
my entire lower half - tummy, thighs, stomach...
Then on Wednesday - maybe some Botox, a hair cut and color..

Just kidding.
But I'm not kidding when I say I'm a bit nervous.
That's not so pretty at times.

Well, off the computer and into the tanning bed for me..

kidding, kidding............
Well will just see what I come up with for this week.
It would help if I looked like Julia Roberts, like my partner (my sister)

Sunday, February 21

Not once, but twice.

There will be no visuals with this post.
Hopefully I can convey in words exactly what I need to.


Early afternoon, Connor decided he wanted to go and play outside
with Garrin. After what seemed to be about an hour of getting
on the boots, the coats, the hats, the mittens.....they were ready to head
outside to play. "Are you playing out front or out back?" I asked.
"Out front." Connor replied.
Let's say about 15 minutes passed when they came in the front door,
with Connor proclaiming, "We are going to play out back now."
They trudged in, in all their winter gear to head out the back door.

We don't have a back door.

Then tonight, I was cleaning up the kitchen a little. I called to Connor.
"Hey Connor. On that rack in the basement, I put Uncle Chris' coffee
maker. Can you bring it up to me, please??" "Oh and the glass know what a carafe is, right?" "Yes" he replied.
"Please be careful and make two trips if you have to. I don't want it
to break, OK??" "OK."

He came upstairs with a metal colander.

Winter break is over and it's back to school tomorrow...............

Friday, February 19

I "heart" books.

I really do. Admittedly, I don't read as often as I'd like.
I also subscribe to a handful of magazines I don't read.
Lack of time I guess.

One of my favorite things to do is go to the bookstore
and comb through the bargain books section. I can usually find a handful
of books each visit - that I might not get to right away, but books that
will fill up my book cases and make them look pretty.
Going to the bookstore is a must on swim meet weekends
when we are away and need a little somethin' somethin' to occupy some time.

This round, I picked up a book that I am just in love with.

I am humbled to say that I could use some help from time to time.
Whether it is about me personally,
help with a kid issue,...
There are words out there somewhere that may have an impact
on me or my situation,
and who am I to turn away from that.
Some people call them "self help" books.
I call them "I'm never too old to learn/change something.." books.

hey ....
172 simple acts to change your life???
HOLY GOOD LORD - I'm open to that!!
Check out one of my favorites so far:

to let yourself be happy
Be sad when you must.
Grieve when you must.
But don't be sad just because others expect it of you.
Take charge of your own happiness.
We are all entitled to be happy.
Seek light instead of shadows.
Treasure your happiness.
Share it.

This book is really great. And I understand this Patrick Lindsay
guy has written others.

I may have to move myself out of the bargain section to find it, but I
think I might just do that. If I can set a goal to check off as many of the
172 things in this book, I will be happy.

And maybe it will have changed my life a bit.

Thursday, February 18

Team-Up Thursday....Nine

This weeks theme was NINE.
Not easy, I tell ya'....

Me on the left
My sista's on the right.

Wednesday, February 17

Love Is...

Coffee Table books for your husbands office - $30
Godiva chocolates for my fat ass - $20

Celebrating Valentine's Day 3 days late
only to find out that you and your husband
are exchanging the exact same cards - PRICELESS

VALENTINE'S DAY 2010 - xoxoxo

Tuesday, February 16

Maybe it's a sign.

Whatever it was, I was fascinated.
Fascinated with the amount of churches in Schenectady, NY.
Swim meet, you say??
What swim meet?

Just kidding. Hannah had a very good meet.
A terrific experience for a 12 year old. While I say to myself that
she was fortunate to be able to swim in such a "big" meet,
I forget...she worked her BUTT off for this moment and deserved
every single minute of it. While some of those minutes were spent
adding time to a swim or two......other moments were ones that she
will be and should be proud of for a long time to come.

So anyhoo.
Swim meet, schwim meet....
I was talking about churches.
A LOT of churches.

So many that I felt compelled to take pictures of them all.
So after I dropped Hannah off at the hotel with the rest of the team
to run around like crazy fools, laughing, joking, and having fun
to rest,
I went out to do some drive-by's.....
(That is what it felt like in some of these areas of town,
it was truly not a place to hop out of your car.......)
So look past the street signs, the power lines, at all these gorgeous
buildings.....I only got 13.....but there were so many more.

So, was this a sign that I need to go back to church??

Monday, February 15

Let's watch these first...

and talk about them after.
Couple things, first though....turn your volume down a little, AND I found
the following on my iPhone.

ok. That's my kid.

This is what I've deduced:

1. He's a natural in front of the camera.
2. He has amazing fine motor skills, operating my iPhone by himself like a pro.
3. As good as he is with parallel and partner play, his individual play
skills are unbelievable.
4. He has nice teeth.
5. My house looks way cleaner than it actually is when the camera is
moving around at lightening speed and I like that.
6. The neighbors did not call the police.
7. I'm not sure swimming is the way to go with HIS extra curricular talent when it
comes time to pick out something.
8. He is mine all mine, and NOT for sale.
9. Thank God, they don't make straight jackets that small.
10. I might be going to jail for child neglect, since I don't know WHERE the heck I was
when he took these. One would think I would have HEARD him.

And oh, by the way...there were about 10 others, too.

Saturday, February 13

Happy Valentine's Day

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
We are in New York,
and not home with you.

Sending hugs and kisses
to you and my guys.
While I sit and watch
freestyles and flys.
So save all the flowers,
the chocolates and perfumes.
We'll be home late on Monday
Gather them all in one room.

And if you believe
I meant any of above,
you know me better than that,
that's not what is "love".

definitely the Daughtry tickets you got me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 12

J is for Jesus

And that is pretty much what I said yesterday when I opened Garrin's backpack
to find it was his turn (again) taking home "The Letter Bag".
The Letter Bag is a bag that the kids in his class rotate taking home
each night with the letter they are working on. Each letter goes home
twice in a row to individual kids.

This bag first came home a few weeks back with the letter F.
" #ucking great", I said when we got that one.
He is in speech and gets a letter he can't even say.
And to boot, we were the second one to get that letter,
so Kid #1 collected all the good stuff.

So here it comes again - The Letter Bag. This time with the letter J.
And guess what? Garrin is Kid #2 again.
So Kid #1 of course brought in all the easy ones....
Jelly, Juice, Jet, .........

Here is what we came up with:

OK, so did I say "we"?
Yup, well that would be ME.
Not we. Why?
Because my kid has NO FRIGGEN IDEA about
letter/sound/word association

Not even a little bit.

He's 4.
AND in his second year of Pre-K speech.

No idea.

This is the same kid that sings:
"A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,M,O,P,Q,R,S,X,Y, you know my ABC's..
next time won't you come with me."

This is the same kid,
"Garrin, what does Bill start with...B...B...B...Bill??"



Anyhoo. In comparing Connor (a speech kid graduate) with Garrin..
come on folks, you know you all do your kids to each other,
and to everybody else's kids.....
Connor at this age was reading right before getting ready to enter Kindergarten.

Garrin? Not so much. NOT.EVEN.CLOSE.

That's OK. He'll get there in his own sweet time. And he'll have an
extra year, thank you Jesus (that begins with J).

He's gonna need it!!!

Thursday, February 11

Team-Up Thursday.....LOVE

Mine on top.
Kimmy's on the bottom.
Spent part of our "snow" day making Valentine's for Garrin's class.
He is a very particular child......It had to be his way.
I gave up my overwhelming OCD tendencies
and was totally OK with the uneven-ness of them all.
He did a great job.
And he did it himself.
now THAT is love.

Wednesday, February 10

I bet YOU can't do this.....

well, some of you can......

I say this because I consider myself darn lucky that I can,
coming off a day where school got cancelled in anticipation
of a "really big snow storm" that really never happened,
even though I have been waiting
and waiting
and waiting.
You gotta figure when it's this cold here,
it might as well snow....
Anyway, the silly things have been melting a little.....

I assume it will snow like a big dog
Friday when I have to leave with Hannah for
a big meet in Schenectady NY.
No snow in the forecast, but you just wait......

Sunday, February 7


While I was forcing myself out of deep depression
watching the Colts let the Saints win the Super Bowl,
apparently my son was busy getting to know one of his cousin Ella's toys.

This is She.
And She didn't leave Garrin's side all evening.
Here She is
banging her head on each and every step
heading up to bed.

I best make a run to Target tomorrow to get our own She..
or better yet,
maybe a He.

So in closing this Super Bowl Sunday night,

Goodnight Indianapolis.

Goodnight Peyton.

Goodnight Garrin.

Goodnight She.

Goodnight any thought I had that my son would not play with dolls.

Saturday, February 6

It must be love.

Alternate blog post title:
"Reason number 349, why I love Connor....regardless......"

We left for a swim meet this morning. It was about 8 am. Not as early
as these kids are used to by any means, which is to their advantage one would think.
A little more time to "wake up" and get ready to swim.

So we are in my truck headed to the meet
and I said to Connor:
"Hey Connor, can you look in my makeup bag in my purse and see if I
have a tiny, small, blue tube of Abreva. It is cold sore medicine."

So after a couple of minutes this is what he hands me:

Let's see.
Not a tube.
But it is blue for sure.
Come on Connor.

I don't think so.
I do love him....even when he leaves his brain
on top of his Playstation.

Friday, February 5

A teeny tiny word...



belonging to me: belonging or related to the speaker

How often we just say that word.
All the time in fact.
Without thinking twice.

I was talking to Bill the other day.
I brought to his attention a phrase that he's been saying for a long time.
As long as I've known him for sure.

"MY...(such and such).."

I said to him. "Did you ever stop to think that as often as you've said that phrase,
MY never really referred to something that was in fact YOURS??"
"That in all actuality it was SOMEONE ELSE'S??"
"For a very long time?"

But nonetheless you (we) say the word without thinking.

I will say though, when I listen to my husband say
"MY ...(such and such).." as I have for the last couple of days,
it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Because now it actually belongs to HIM.

Thursday, February 4

Team-Up Thursday....Dark

My sister's picture is on the left.
Mine - on the right.

When I read the "theme" I knew immediately what I wanted to
photograph....but the meaning became so much deeper after I shot it.
My head has been very "dark" of late.
It was to be a self-portrait.

When I saw the photo I knew the meaning was two-fold. That photography, which has
been very therapeutic for me, and seeing the picture of the lens....
it's dark-ness, added new meaning.

How awesome that on one side of the camera, when you look at it,
it appears so dark and deep and "nothing"...
but when you look through it from the other side,
through the viewfinder,
beauty is right there waiting to have it's picture taken.

So cool!!

Wednesday, February 3

Why I love Lucy,

and Gina is a pain in the ass....
Lucy can't jump up on my desk...
you know...when I am working on my computer...
....OK, so it's not really "working on my computer"....whatever it is that I do on it..
I'm just tired of the cat and mouse games...

"bwwwwahhhhh ha ha ha"