Saturday, January 9

Unexpected things can be good.

It's a Saturday morning and the alarm was (unfortunately)
set for 4:3o am. The kids had a one day swim meet about an hour
and twenty minutes away at Connecticut College.
They had to be on deck for warm up for 7.

In order to get Hannah, Connor and myself ready to go - 4:30 it was.
Bill insisted on getting up with me and helped by heading downstairs to
make me a giant sized coffee.

I had been upstairs for most of the time getting ready to go,
and got downstairs just in time to hear my truck running outside.

I was so glad that Bill got up with me, and not only thought
to make me a huge mug of coffee for the drive,
but to get the truck started and warming up.

I was also so glad that it was still dark outside.

Unexpected things can also be pretty friggin hysterical.....


Carol L said...

I am still laughing (: Oh what the neighbors are thinking....

Kim said...

OK, a few things....

First - OMG, I can't believe you posted this picture!

Second - Nice look, Bill. Must be that steam heat! Did you go outside like that???

Third - This just reminded me...don't forget to bring back Dennis' mug. I don't think he's noticed it's gone yet...

Unknown said...

That is so freakin' funny. I had to show Jay.
Bill - you're a good sport. I would be, too - you've got great legs! ;)

Allison said...

Holy crap--that is!

SwimMomTrishA said...

Oh my holy heck. . . that is the funniest thing ever !!!!!

Unknown said...

all i can sy is WOW!LMFAO