Sunday, January 10

Swim Team, Swim Meet

The kids are very happy with their new swim team.
They both have transitioned quite nicely.

While we anticipated some changes with this new team,
I got to see one of them first hand at the swim meet this past Saturday.
Apparently they wear their swim caps differently than the old team...

I take that back. That's just Hannah, being Hannah. She is a nut no matter
where she goes! Love that about her.


Got a few shots from the meet.
While I was photographing Hannah's terrible start,
(Yup she's got her head all the way up looking at the end of the pool
instead of where she needs to be diving....)
I never noticed Connor
was diving right next to her until I looked at the pictures.
How 'bout this photo finish??? That's Connor in the middle.....
A nice 7 second drop on his 200 IM...
This might be the one and only creative shot I got that weekend!
Hannah warming up her freestyle....
I did say I was going to learn how to use my camera properly,
didn't I????
I need to get on that!


Carol L said...

Love that they have dove right in (: While a HUGE loss to BCH a wonderful addition to the Aquabears - now that is a masqot - no sun & wave!

Hannah said...

you didnt post my favorite picture!