Friday, January 29

still waiting.....

It pretty much snowed all day yesterday.
But like 3 inches...maybe.
Waiting on either a
or a

Just one.
But not everyone agrees with me on this one.
For instance:


IN !!

Garrin, on the other hand, has been enjoying it.


Allison said...

Shucks! I just saw Lucy's coat in my coat closet! Great pics!

Kim said...

Poor Lucy! Love the shot of Garrin in the mirror.

Unknown said...

I love Lucy!! Maggie is the same way, she gets so cold. She BAKES in the hot summer sun, absolutely LOVES it but she shivers and alternates paws in the winter. So cute!!
(Oh, Garrin's cute, too!)

Unknown said...

btw- as a woman with nowhere to go and nothing to do (outside of the home, with any urgency) - I am with you 100%.
It's winter.

SwimMomTrishA said...

LOVE this post . . . garrin in the side mirror . . the joy of winter !! Inside his little head must be going 1,000 miles a hour going " where the heck did mom and dad bring me to - -the inside of a snow globe" . . . and BTW, I vote noreaster . . . can't even imagine it and want to see the photos !!!!