Wednesday, January 27

Something new.

So I still don't know how to use my camera to its full potential.
I think I need someone to just come to my house and do a
hands-on lesson with me......but that's probably, well, most definitely
not gonna happen. I am still wishing though. Anyhoo.

I am also still using my old bootleg copy of Photoshop instead of the
CS4 that Bill got me for Christmas that is sitting in the box
on my now-clean desk in our office. (I've been organizing that
room all day today and damn, I feel fabulous for doing so!!!) Anyhoo.

I was checking out my Facebook the other day and noticed something
that a "friend", who is not really a friend....just a Facebook friend, actually
my only Facebook friend, that I really have never met.....where was I going with
this??....oh yeah. So this FB friend had put up a link to a blog/idea for
folks interested in
a. a new idea for an otherwise dry-material blog post
2. messin' with a little amateur-ish photography "experiment".

Since I have been a sMiDGe busy lately,
blog reading has truly gone by the hoo for me
'cause I really miss it, but anyhoo.
I checked out the idea on
from my "friend" on
grabbed me
and tomorrow will be our first have-at-it.

I am so excited.

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