Friday, January 8

Not playing with a full deck

As I am driving Connor to school this morning,
watching the snow fall,
I said to him:

"Connor, hey, are you so excited about the swim meet in Cape Cod
next weekend?"

To which he replied:

"I can't wait! Do we get out of school early on Friday, because
we have school that day, you know?"

Then I said:

"Yup, you sure are. Hey. You don't have school that following Monday,
so Dad and I are planning to book the hotel for Sunday night too."

To which he responded:

"Cool. Can we bring our boogie boards?"


SwimMomTrishA said...

Is that called "Coastal Confusion" . . . .too funny !!!

Kathleen said...

Hmm...I guess you could use a boogie board as a sled.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's time for his first polar bear swim!!