Tuesday, January 19

I think I said "Bring It"

Some posts ago,
I said that we were here and it might as well snow...

like big-time snow,
like blizzard-snow.
But it hasn't.

I mean, if we are going to live here,
and it is chilly and cold every day,
and there isn't a cactus in sight,
it might as well snow at least one time
so my kids can stop saying when it snows a half
an inch, "oh my gosh look at ALL THE SNOW".


Not even where I wanted to go with this post.

You see, it's been rather grey, cloudy and rainy.
Which actually directed me to writing this post.

You see, I know a girl from where we used to live.
A young girl who is talented beyond her knowing...
in words, in music, in a street-smart sort of way,
though I bet money she is incredibly book smart as well.
I stumbled upon some of her writing, and learned that she
happens to be particularly fond of the rain.

Me??...well not so much.
Until now that is.
Until I started seeing it through the eyes of a young girl.

Who says you can't learn anything from kids??

These photos are for you, Miss Rain-Lover.
Thanks for making me see it differently.

I think grey may be my new favorite color.
For now anyway. (Hey..these pictures match my blog!!)

Oh, and P.S.......Connor must like it too. He insisted on
walking home from school today!!


katarinavela said...

Thanks Mrs. Herbst :) I absolutely love the pictures! They make me happy.

Unknown said...

I just read a little. Very mature. Very smart. I liked it. :)

I also love the rain. Love It!! Spring rain, especially. It's cleansing. And it makes things grow. And I love the smell of Spring mud.
But in the winter, I'm with you - Let it Snow, Baby!!

SwimMomTrishA said...

grey is a color, grey is a mood, and grey can be wonderful . . . just depends upon how you look at it. . . great photos (again) !!

LaAna said...

Grey and rainy is the story of my life over here during these months... and I LOVE it! Enjoy what ya got, when ya got it, right?!?! :)