Tuesday, January 12

I can't believe it....

here is my daughter
for sure, she is this
sometimes she is this
for the most part she is this
but regardless...I love her like this
this morning was another story
a new story
she came up to shower in my bathroom and brought this
and also this
and I did this
and then I did this
I guess she's doing this
what happened to this ?????


Unknown said...

I hate you for making me click all those links back and forth and back and forth.
But I did it anyway, didn't I?

Allison said...

The nuts was the best click. Thankfully I have a few years to wait before I have to go thru this!

Kathleen said...

Gee Gini, she is a swimmer, right? It may make her more aerodynamic (or the equivalent in water).
So not looking forward to the day when my two start that!

Chris said...

I'm going to pretend I didn't read this. I hate that MY NEICE (my oldest neice, that is) is growing up!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world!