Sunday, January 17

Dear God,

"Hey. I know I don't talk to you very much.
In fact, probably not at all.
Let's pretty much blame my mom for not taking me to church,
but that's a whole other story.
Back to me.
So anyway, I was wondering,
if there was any chance in hell,
ooooops I probably shouldn't say that,
if there was any chance at all
that you could maybe,

I don't know.....send some lightning or something. Maybe stop the meet
within the next 2 minutes or so. Or maybe somebody could
accidentally throw up in the pool so it would have to be evacuated....
like pronto....
I've got the 100 Butterfly coming up shortly
and everyone knows any Fly longer than a 25 Fly
totally sucks....big time.
Whaddaya say???"


Dad said...

Oh God.... I think I just threw up in my mouth.......

SwimMomTrishA said...

bill. . .that made me giggle. . . Conner - - you are a ROCK STAR !! Go for it !!!