Thursday, December 31


The Year of Going Home.
In the literal sense.

This is the scenic drive home everyday, from most places
I've wandered out, so far.
It's a beautiful drive to a beautiful town.
One that my sister and brother-in-law have called home
for a while now. One that I've discovered in a very short time,
is a perfectly wonderful place that they've chosen to raise their family.
I'm lucky to be able to share that with them now.

So this is how I go home.

The bare-ness of the trees, seem less empty
with a little bit of snow sticking to them.
I love how they "canopy" the streets.
It was a good time to come back - to re-learn how to
appreciate this beauty.
The town itself is lined with gorgeous old historical homes.

This is one of my favorites.
It happens to sit right along side of the town green.

Which is exactly where Connor's school is.

Which happens to be right next to Garrin's school.

The drive through the green makes me think that
when the weather is nice, I will be walking through
this part of town, with my husband and kids, and maybe meet up with
our family.... get to the part of town where everyone gathers. I can't wait for that.
One of the things on my to do list.

Just past the green, you approach our street.
Where you know you are almost home,
because the streets are a little less plowed....

And just a short way up is our house on the right.

The grey one with the red shutters
and the American Flag.

And actually, it is the same for all the houses on this street.
You know you are finally home....

....because at each and every house along Greenacre Avenue...

...there are the kids...

...that MAKE it home.

But 2010 will also be The Year of Going Home metaphorically.

I say:

I need this to be the year of just making it a good one.

My theory is that life is what it is.
2009 was just a year.
Another year.
God pretty much dealt me the hand of my life
and I made the most of it.
Some of it was fun.
Some not so fun.

Well all I can ask for is that I continue to
handle my days with honesty, reality, vigor,
hope, strength, and love. That I continue to be me.
That I don't lose myself.
Because I believe one's destiny is based on
how you handle it by just being you.

I have not had any regrets so far.
I would not have changed not even one thing at all.
I've savored every wonderful moment.
I've learned and become stronger from every
less-desirable moment.
While many changes have come into my life
these past few weeks,
I look forward to Chapter 2010.....



Bill said...

Looking forward to the walks around the green.....sledding..... and discovering everything the town has to offer!!

Jerolyn said...

BRING IT BABY!!! I love it~

Jerolyn said...

p.s. Do they have a Walgreens nearby???

Unknown said...

Ah, Gini!
Good Post!!! Love the New Year!

Jerolyn - I am a recent Walgreens convert... sort of. I'm a die-hard CVS girl but Walgreens is opening VERY close to my house. So, we'll see.

Emily said...

Love it there, so beautiful! I'm so happy for all of you and wish you the best this year. You deserve it!

Chris said...

Chapter 2010 is going to be a great one! Those are great pics you took!

Roy Wells said...

The pics are awesome, I especially love the FLAG flying.. Wow, lots of snow :) Keep warm.. l8tr

LaAna said...

I love the pics! It reminds me a bit of how it is here with the old column style homes, trees and beauty all around.... it's exciting discovering all that a new town has to offer. Enjoy doing it together!