Sunday, January 31

A quick review of the weekend....

*** a quick little side note....DAY-umm, my truck interior is dusty..

Friday, January 29

still waiting.....

It pretty much snowed all day yesterday.
But like 3 inches...maybe.
Waiting on either a
or a

Just one.
But not everyone agrees with me on this one.
For instance:


IN !!

Garrin, on the other hand, has been enjoying it.

Thursday, January 28

Team-Up Thursday

Wednesday, January 27

Something new.

So I still don't know how to use my camera to its full potential.
I think I need someone to just come to my house and do a
hands-on lesson with me......but that's probably, well, most definitely
not gonna happen. I am still wishing though. Anyhoo.

I am also still using my old bootleg copy of Photoshop instead of the
CS4 that Bill got me for Christmas that is sitting in the box
on my now-clean desk in our office. (I've been organizing that
room all day today and damn, I feel fabulous for doing so!!!) Anyhoo.

I was checking out my Facebook the other day and noticed something
that a "friend", who is not really a friend....just a Facebook friend, actually
my only Facebook friend, that I really have never met.....where was I going with
this??....oh yeah. So this FB friend had put up a link to a blog/idea for
folks interested in
a. a new idea for an otherwise dry-material blog post
2. messin' with a little amateur-ish photography "experiment".

Since I have been a sMiDGe busy lately,
blog reading has truly gone by the hoo for me
'cause I really miss it, but anyhoo.
I checked out the idea on
from my "friend" on
grabbed me
and tomorrow will be our first have-at-it.

I am so excited.

Monday, January 25


I've stepped away from the computer for a few days, but now I'm back.
Bill, many months back, had planned a couple days away
in Newport RI as a surprise.

So we are back and I wanted to show you how
awful this place is.

We would not recommend it to anyone.
If you want to get away, leave the kids with some relatives,
this would NOT be the place you'd want to go.

What a waste of a couple hours drive.

Really. Don't even bother looking at these awful pictures I've taken.

We just couldn't wait to get home. We missed our kids more than ever.

I don't even know why
I even thought to take these to document the rotten time we had. They suck.

Wednesday, January 20

Changing the weather

without the weather actually changing.
Gotta love CRAYOLA for that.

Tuesday, January 19

I think I said "Bring It"

Some posts ago,
I said that we were here and it might as well snow...

like big-time snow,
like blizzard-snow.
But it hasn't.

I mean, if we are going to live here,
and it is chilly and cold every day,
and there isn't a cactus in sight,
it might as well snow at least one time
so my kids can stop saying when it snows a half
an inch, "oh my gosh look at ALL THE SNOW".


Not even where I wanted to go with this post.

You see, it's been rather grey, cloudy and rainy.
Which actually directed me to writing this post.

You see, I know a girl from where we used to live.
A young girl who is talented beyond her knowing...
in words, in music, in a street-smart sort of way,
though I bet money she is incredibly book smart as well.
I stumbled upon some of her writing, and learned that she
happens to be particularly fond of the rain.

Me??...well not so much.
Until now that is.
Until I started seeing it through the eyes of a young girl.

Who says you can't learn anything from kids??

These photos are for you, Miss Rain-Lover.
Thanks for making me see it differently.

I think grey may be my new favorite color.
For now anyway. (Hey..these pictures match my blog!!)

Oh, and P.S.......Connor must like it too. He insisted on
walking home from school today!!

I still don't know what I am doing...

But I am having fun trying...

Sunday, January 17

Dear God,

"Hey. I know I don't talk to you very much.
In fact, probably not at all.
Let's pretty much blame my mom for not taking me to church,
but that's a whole other story.
Back to me.
So anyway, I was wondering,
if there was any chance in hell,
ooooops I probably shouldn't say that,
if there was any chance at all
that you could maybe,

I don't know.....send some lightning or something. Maybe stop the meet
within the next 2 minutes or so. Or maybe somebody could
accidentally throw up in the pool so it would have to be evacuated....
like pronto....
I've got the 100 Butterfly coming up shortly
and everyone knows any Fly longer than a 25 Fly
totally sucks....big time.
Whaddaya say???"

Saturday, January 16

Weekend at a swim meet

"what else is new", you say....

Well, we traveled to Cape Cod this weekend,
which IS new for us. Funny, our old team traveled to the Pacific Ocean
while we headed to the Atlantic....interesting....
The meet is being held at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.
Small-ish pool,
VERY cool location!
oh wait.... That's a picture of the beach.
Oh well.
That's it for the meet....

We ventured out into the nice chilly breezy ocean air to explore a little
this afternoon.

Maybe some swimming pictures tomorrow.
Maybe not.

Thursday, January 14

Dear "You Know Who You Are"