Saturday, December 12


While everything for us right now is new,
the only thing that matters is our NEW niece.
Everything else can wait til later...

Presenting Gabriella Caeli Egan

All our love always to Dennis, Kimmy (who doesn't even look like she gave birth

yesterday.....can you say...BEE-YOTCH!!!!) and their little boy Matthew

on welcoming their crazy beautiful daughter/new baby sister!!


Unknown said...

Isn't your sister something!? It was like she never had MAJOR SURGERY!
All my love and congratulations to the WHOLE CREW.
That girl is absolutely perfect and gorgeous and I couldn't love that little foursome any more than I do!

SwimMomTrishA said...

So glad you were there to share it with her !!! Isn't it amazing how in love they look already. . . both baby, momma, and dad !!!

Jerolyn said...

Congrats to Kimmy and family!

Debbie said...

I can not wait to meet her! Thanks for sharing these pictures...they will hold me over for now!

Carol L said...

She looks adorable - look at that full head of hair - can't wait to see a picture with her big brother. I am so happy you all could be there for this special event (: Give kids a hug from us.

Kim said...

Thanks, NeeNee. Awfully nice having you here for this one!

Thanks for taking such gorgeous pictures of our girl!

Denise said...

Thank you for sharing those amazing pictures of that fabulous family! She is a doll!! XO