Sunday, December 27

The house

Since I am not mentally ready to blog yet -
you know - writing some long drawn out post about my feelings
on the move from hell, how it is to be around family,
the kids adjustment to school and new swim team,
our new neighborhood....yadda yadda....

I thought I'd just keep it real, YO
and post some pictures of the house we are renting.

The closest I will get to letting my feelings show about anything right now...
I will tell you that truthfully, we are really digging the closeness
and coziness of this house. the end. more later.


Some very cool features of this house:

A window seat in the dining room.
Very cool.
And the wood work on the walls - FAB u LOUS!!!

Oh and on the ceiling in that room too.

Pretty built-in - which I have chock full of my shit
lovely decorative items....

Now Hannah, too, has a window seat in her room, with very, very pretty
built-ins. But there is no way in hell I was taking a picture in THAT room yet!

Here is the ceiling in our living room....of which we only have one.
One living room that is.
It is a great room....we actually use it and the working fireplace.
No more flipping a switch for a gas fire for us anymore....
Bill makes us a cozy and REAL fire every night...with REAL wood.

Back to the is a TIN ceiling...very cool.
The kitchen, well it ain't the big one I am used to but it's functional,
and I've come to realize that that is really all I need...
hold on hold on...a little look into the emotional me....
let's get back to the house....

The owner has re-done the kitchen to modernize it a bit - (thank you thank you...)
These are actually the original cabinets - just updated.
Oh, and here is an oldie and a goodie...
Cast iron radiators.
Steam heat.
Now that I constantly enjoy "my own personal summer" everyday...
these suckers get real hot and I feel like I am still in Vegas in July......

Still working on figuring out how to regulate the heat that comes out of these

Here is Lucy's favorite part of the house....
Hardwood Floors.

You ever watch a video of a baby deer just being born,
climbing up onto all fours,
learning how to walk for the very first time?
Wobbly and unstable?

Yeah - that's Lucy walking around the house now.
Poor girl. It's like Figure Skating for Dogs 101,
every day here.
Here is a light fixture that is in our upstairs hallway.
Kinda doesn't feel right putting one of those
new energy efficient bulbs in this...but we are still trying
to save the earth ova' here.
Cute though, isn't it?

All the doors in the house are nice, heavy wood doors.

Some even with paned glass.

glass door knobs.

Now how totally cool is that??

So that's pretty much it in a nutshell.
A little insight into the house we will call home for now.

And I will say...
it was a home
even before all our stuff got here.
And THAT was a great feeling.


SwimMomTrishA said...

My auntie had glass doorknobs in her home and I swear, something about glass doorknobs just make it "home" !!!

Unknown said...

Very nice.
When am I coming up for a cup of coffee?!?!

Carol L said...

I love it - very warm feeling . The ceilings, walls, and cabinets make it individual - not like the other 50 you will walk into. What does the outside look like - I need an address for my pen pal (: Thanks for the pics!

Denise said...


Jerolyn said...

I want glass door knobs!

Chris said...

Great post, Gin. Awesome pics, too! -Moo

LaAna said...

Simply warm and welcoming!